Thursday, September 29, 2011

TV Update + bb!Loki

Dropped Ringer because it bores me. Which is sad.

Dropped Secret Circle because I can only take so much teen angst and I want to keep watching Vampire Diaries.

I just don't care about Person of Interest even though it was well done, so I'm dropping that.

I'm loving Playboy Club and Pan Am. Okay, that may have a *lot* to do with the women and the clothes. I'm shallow.

In absolutely more important news: I'm getting excited for the steampunk!Three Musketeers movie.

And in yet MORE important news:

Why did no one ever tell me that Marvel had made Loki into a kid?

wee!Loki is the bestest thing ever. And...yeah. I'm obsessed. Damn you Hiddleston for being so awesome that I had to go looking at the comics and now I'm doomed. DOOMED!


  1. This reminds me I was going to do a post to my own fandom blog before I fell asleep instead. Thanks!

    Ohmygoodness, is that baby Loki in the picture there? HE IS SO CUTE. I've never read a single comic with him in it, and I have not yet seen the Thor movie. I will have to see if the local library can remedy this for me.

  2. 3 musketeers steam punk?! Thats awesome

  3. sanil,

    That is baby Loki! Apparently he got himself killed (on purpose from what I've read - he was a god of chaos and mischief who felt that he had become predictable. So the only thing for it was to die and hit the reset button. That's a huge simplification, but that's what it seems to have boiled down to.) and was reborn as a street urchin in France who was running card games on the street. He had no memories of being Loki, consciously, though he apparently had nightmares of what he'd done in the past. Thor hunted him down, made it clear that if anyone was mean to his baby brother he'd smash them and eventually baby!Loki wound up back on Asgard. And now there's some huge thing going on in Marvel-verse I don't understand just yet but Loki's going to kick ass and save the universe or something. While being cute.

  4. LK,

    It's steampunk-ish from the previews. At first I thought that was stupid, but it's grown on me.


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