Friday, September 23, 2011

*blows dust off*

Okay, Supernatural Friday is here!

I really meant to keep this blog up during the hiatus, but to be honest, I got distracted by the DF kinkmeme. I've got one AU series going (I'm on the fourth story which is unfinished at over 100 pages, with the fifth story in the planning stages), a sequel to another AU (which is dark and...and...slavefic people, slavefic. I have my weaknesses okay?) going, and I'm working on yet another AU series with a cowriter though none of those stories have been written or posted yet. We're still in the plotting/dividing up the stories stage. Plus all the other one shots I've written for the meme. I am an addict! No will power, none.

There's also the XMFC kinkmeme which I read, the Suits kinkmeme and the Thor kinkmeme.

Um. So I've been busy.


I've been neglecting my tv! I got my XMFC discs and my Thor discs like right in a row so I watched XMFC again (OMG, the deleted scene with Erik in drag is too funny, they should have left that in!) and cooed over how married Erik and Charles are. Then I watched Thor and wanted to cuddle Loki. I never even got into Thor in the comics, but now I'm fighting the urge to track down good Loki-centric stories. I *know* they won't be like the movie, but come on. It's LOKI. It has to be awesome by definition. And the Thor watching led me to rewatch both Iron Man movies and then watch Thor again. I don't have the Ed Norton The Hulk movie, so I couldn't watch that one.

My dvr is full of new shows to watch! Which is nice, since I'll be on vacation next week so I'll have new things to watch when I'm at home.

I did watch a couple things last night.

1. Necessary Roughness season finale (I told you I was behind!) - I don't care about sports so I didn't start watching this one from the beginning. I only picked it up for the last three eps because someone told me how good it was. And it is USA, which produces some really good shows. So I watched it, and I enjoyed. There was also the bonus of having Riley Finn (from Buffy), whose real name is Marc Blucas by the way. The season finale cliffhanger thing, meh. Saw it coming. It was obvious, though I do hope that T.K. will be okay because his character did grown on me. And Nico, bless his paranoid little heart. I loved the way he dealt with the whole divided loyalties, the fact that the woman he loves has been manipulating him and the question of 'who gets Nico in the divorce' thing.

2. Ringer - I've only watched the first ep so far. SMG, I still love you. I think they dumped too much into the first ep, honestly. We already knew the basic idea from the articles and commercials, so I get that they didn't feel the need to draw it out in the reveal of the big surprise (Siobhan's alive!), but I think they'd have been better served with a slightly slower pace in having all the reveals for how Siobhan's a rotten bitch. I'm going to keep watching because I did enjoy it, but we'll see. Also, Ioan Gruffold. I <3 you. So much.

3. The Playboy Club - I gave up Hawaii 5-0 for this. Well, to be able to watch this *and* Castle. I'll catch H50 in reruns over the summer. I'm pretty much loving this show. The killing was well done, the interference from the mob is interesting, as is David Krumholtz as the manager for the Playboy Club. So very different from his adorable Charlie character from Numb3rs. The side story that they introduced is fascinating me even with the little bit that we've been given. One of the Bunnies (whose name I cannot recall) is 'married' to a homosexual man. She herself, it is hinted, is a lesbian. They're living this way (with his lover? I'm not sure if he's living there or was just visiting) since homosexuality is still illegal at the time. And running a secret meeting of other lesbian and gay (I doubt they'll go into bi, transgender or anything else due to the time period, but I could be wrong!) people for support/lobbying for change? We don't know details yet, but I am fascinated. Tell me more...

4. Castle - I'll be honest. I can't tell you who killed the victim on this show because I wasn't paying that much attention. I was reading a really good fill on the Thor kinkmeme about a Loki who's been playing both sides for years (he's just a villain because, well, he's Loki, but he really doesn't want to kill his brother or his brother's friends. So he helps them by playing with the other villains and not telling the heroes because where would the fun be in that?), but then a robot built by one of his little proteges sucks out all of his magic and it's working (sort of) with the Avengers and SHIELD to stop the robot!Loki who is really trying to kill the Avengers to prove his superiority to the original Loki and it's really good people! And I'm just really watching for the Castle/Beckitt interaction. I watch for the characters, not so much the story. And I am unsurprised by anything that happened in the first ep of the season.

And that's about it. Tonight will be Supernatural night! *pumps fist in the air*


  1. *gasp* You managed to spoil me on something. :D But also made me decide to give the show another chance, so see, spoilers are good! I had no idea what happened in Ringer, because I found it so mind-numbingly boring I quit watching after about 15 minutes. Now I'm curious enough to at least try reading the Wikipedia summary of what I missed and then trying the next episode.

    I've also completely ignored all new shows except The New Girl, which I only remembered because it comes right after Glee on the same channel. I have last year's schedule still in my mind and was too busy to remember what I wanted to watch and look up the new times. I did check to make sure Supernatural was still at the same time, though, and then figured out it's competing with Grimm on CBS. :( Oh well, Supernatural wins, for as long as they keep Crowley, Bobby, and Cas alive. (I like how I think I can hold the show hostage and they'll listen to me. :D Even after RTD.) I'll have to check out Grimm in rerun season.

    Um, anyway. The original point of the previous paragraph was to thank you for reminding me about Playboy Club. I was thinking it looked good, and now I know there's David Krumholtz! I'll definitely have to check it out next week. And also go check the schedules and write down the times for the things I want to see until I prune the list down and can remember.

  2. Yeah. I wasn't thrilled with it, but I'm going to watch the second ep and we'll see. I think SMG and IG are what's making me give it that chance.

    Oooh...see, and I have a dual dvr system so I can record two at once. *is spoiled*

    Playboy Club definitely gets two thumbs up from me.


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