Thursday, May 14, 2009

Again with the hijab and my lack of fashion sense

Okay, fashion advice again. Since I have no taste...I have this dress which is too short for me to wear, it comes to just below my knees. I thought I could wear it with pants underneath, but I'm not certain if it looks ridiculous or okay.

And also, because I've come back to the idea of wanting to wear hijab again...scarves.

These are the dress, and the two scarves I'm debating over.

Green pashmina style scarf w/brown slacks.

Green pashmina style scarf w/bluejeans.

White scarf w/green detail w/bluejeans.

White scarf w/green detail w/brown slacks.

Any opinions? Do any of them look okay? Should I wear hijab? *wibbles in fashion uncertainty*
Edited for: Lisa, you wanna know why I hate froofy lawns with their shrubbery?
Because a shrub just *stabbed* me with a pointy stick in the foot! I just finished traumatising my dog, bleeding all over the sidewalk, my shoe, and the mud room, and cleaning and bandaging the hole in my foot.
*glares at shrubs* Y'all're kindling. Shrubicide.


  1. 'shrubicide' raflmbo... oh dear that#s too much...

    hummm dont like the jeans, but am loving the style of the slacks....

    not too sure about 'brown' though.. is the dress brown or black cause both the slacks and the dress look black in the picture. Maybe its my fuzzy right eye??

    I am loving the scarf and the style of wearing it... what I get a sense of though is that you are loving the feel and flow of the way this style of wearing a scarf makes you feel so feminine doesn't it?

    I was out in the town the other day (to pick up embroidery silks) and saw an amazing lady wearing a black headscarf but it had the most gorgious little stars and moons on it... I regretted not taking my camera.

    I think its interesting that you have left your forearms bare. I think if you are going to wear the hijab then it goes without saying - no bare flesh .... any where... except maybe the feet....

    oh dear sore point! lol!

  2. Hi!
    I like the slacks with the light scarf. ...the pants and the dress both look black to me.

    I wear a scarf, but not hijab style, (hubby doesn't like all hair covered-he thinks that I am sending mixed religious messages...)

    I also 'do' the 3/4 sleeves...not full hijab there either.

    I like your blog!

  3. I like the slacks with the lighter scarf best. I think the jeans don't work that well for the overall style. As far as wearing hijiab styles goes, I think it looks good, but it is sending mixed religious messages like mamajuliana said.

  4. The fabric weight of the jeans and the dress are too different for this to work. The lighter weight slacks work better. What would work best is some very drapey/flowy pants in a similar color to the dress, IMO.

    As far as the scarf goes, that green is such a lovely color, but I think again, the lighter weight scarf works better. The one with the green trim.

    Do you have a green underscarf or headband you could wear instead of the white that would coordinate with the trim on that white scarf, and bring some color towards your face?

  5. Ahavah,

    Yes, shrubicide. As in, I am going to commit it. :)

    The dress and the slacks are brown, but they're both a *really* dark brown. Almost black. I actually bought the dress, a while ago, thinking that it was black.

    You know, I'm thinking you're right about the hijab thing. I just love the way it looks! And I do feel very girly with it on. But...that's not the point, is it? *sigh* Damn obsessive tendencies!

    Heh. Yeah, I don't have that many shirts that go all the way to the wrist, and I tend to push them up anyway. I generally stick with the 3/4 sleeves. As long as my elbows are covered, I'm comfortable.

    Not the feet!

  6. Mamajuliana,

    Welcome back. Everyone seems to have come down on the side of slacks. Which is sort of what I thought, but I don't always trust my own judgment on clothing.

    *sigh* Again one of those times I wish I had a husband I could bounce these sort of ideas off of.

    I used to be comfortable with short sleeves, but it's gotten to the point where I'm not comfy out of the house without at least 3/4 sleeves. It's an odd progression.

  7. Another vote for slacks. Mixed religious messages, oh, how I wish that wasn't a problem. *sigh* It's why I probably won't go through with it. I don't want to be mistaken for a Muslim, even though that happens anyway.

    I don't know why I keep coming back to this. I've got to just drive it out of my head. *nods firmly*

  8. Alana,

    The slacks win. :)

    No, since I never intended to be a hijabi, I didn't invest in a lot of caps. I just have two, one white, one blue. But, since my rational mind has reasserted itself and reminded me of all the reasons not to wear hijab, it's probably not going to be an issue.

    Sorry to keep bringing this up. I'm totally going to let this go now, I swear. I'm determined to shelve this issue. I have more important things to work out.

  9. Anna,

    Alana is helpful, isn't she. :)

    Slacks are definately the way to go if I want to wear this dress.

  10. Oh no Amber! I am so sorry. Was it a sticker, or like a rose bush??

    I see what you mean now, though I'm not sure living in Vegas with a rock backyard would be much fun. You couldn't go barefoot, those rocks would burn :)

    I can understand you being concerned about being mistaken for a Muslim. I can't put my finger on it, but think you WOULD be with the ensemble for some reason. Coffee Catholic at The Joyful Catholic Housewife never looks Muslim for some reason, not sure what the difference is. Maybe just the jeans, since a lot of Muslimah teens wear them.

    Just for the purpose of looking less like a teen Muslim in MSA, switch over to the slacks. A cheap pair of black ones would do wonders sweetie. Love you lots, and feel better with that shrubbery.

  11. Very pretty scarves and the dress is so cute! I don't think it looks too short, but since you do, why not leggings or are they out because they show the shape of your lower legs to much?

    And why is it wrong to look and feel girlie? Oh, maybe you just meant that wasn't the issue. Anyway, it does look at bit Muslim, but if you like it who's to stand in the way of a woman wanting to look modest?

    I prefer the brown pants to the jeans. I like both scarves. Maybe the green gives a bit more color around your face.

    LOL @ the comment about the shrubs. Hehehe.

  12. Lisa,

    If it was just a pricker or thorn, I wouldn't even whine. You get those all the time. I'm not that big a baby. When I say stick, I mean a branch. Several inches long, and about a 1/4 of an inch thick. I have a hole in my foot. The shrubs are going down! I feel confident in my victory as I have the advantage in opposable thumbs and hedge clippers!

    Hot rocks...that's why we invented flipflops. Of course, I'm a cracker, with cracker feet. You develop calluses, and the heat doesn't bother you anymore.

  13. Susanne,

    I'm uncomfortable showing my legs, which is why I feel the dress is too short, for me. :) And yes, that'd be why leggings are out as well. I'm just not comfortable like that.

    No, looking and feeling girly and pretty is a definite plus to the hijab wrap! I think that's part of why I like it so much. The problem comes with looking so unusual (there are no hijabi in my town), and drawing attention to myself, plus the mixed religious message.

  14. I have made me a couple of these dresses...

    .... and some of these (from linen)

    am loving these...


    and am thinking of making one of these

    WG.... (and W does not mean 'wide' either) I'm not helping much am I?

  15. Ahavah,

    Oh, those are all so lovely! Though I think I'm partial to the 'Viking style' dresses on the last link.

    Of course you're helping! You're helping reveal my secret desire to be a medieval princess!

    *wanders off to see about building a stone tower on the back of the property* And a moat! Trebuchet!

  16. I like to wear dresses over pants. Especially here with gale-force winds busting out from behind every shrub. (Ok, not from shrubs but I couldn't resist.) Your dress ends up looking like a tunic ~ which is a great look!

    I'm not doing too well with matching colours. Just dropped some $$ buying hijabs that actually match my existing clothes!!

    Not doing too well with the shayla scarves either. I'm moving more towards square scarves.

    Have you ever hit up Rebirth of Chic?? They have some GREAT shaylas!! I only like their shaylas hahaha (I'm a hijabsnob...)

  17. Huh! No matter how you cover your head, you'll always be thought of as a Muslim because these days in the West only the Muslim women cover. But over in muslim countries, Christian women cover just like the muslim women. Hijab is not just a "muslim" thing!

  18. I really do like the pants under a dress look. Very tunic-y, and practical.

    See, this just proves it. The shrubs are *evil*.

    I know women around the world wear hijab, regardless of religion, and I'd love to do it, I really, really would. But, I've never seen a single other hijabi in the town I live in, and I'm just not strong enough to do it yet.


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