Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Post That Probably Only Interests Me...

So, Memorial Day tomorrow, which always makes me think of my Grandfather who served in the Navy during WWII.

In my nostalgic mood, I was going through old family stuff, and came across a, well, I think it's a Lutheran prayerbook/missal that belonged to my Oma, my great-grandmother on my Grandmother's side. My German's not up to actually reading everything in it, but I thought it was interesting, so I post.
That's the cover. You can see there's been some got wet during Hurricane Charley a few years ago. The spine is almost totally destroyed, so we have to be very careful with it. We're hoping to find someone, eventually, who can repair the damage. Oma's name is embossed on it, Bertha Borger, which was her maiden name. She became a Schmidt when she married Opa (Gustav).
This is the first page
And here's a few my bad German...
1st line: Intonation: He will protect you
2nd line: Response: And with your gift
3rd line: Int. - All eyes wait for you, Sir (probably meant to be Lord, but, again, my bad German)
4th: resp. - And you *something* their *something* in good time
Wow, my German's worse than I thought. *is ashamed* Actually, just to make myself feel a bit better, the book uses *really* old type, and I'm having a hard time figuring out what some of the letters even are...


  1. That's cool that you even have "bad German" since I have pretty much non-existence German. :)

    Neat find. I love old stuff like that. Even better when it belonged to family.

  2. I wonder if Baronius Press would help you with repairing the book or fiding a book-binder?

    I lived with Lutherans for a year once. That was tough going. I would read their weekly newspaper and it was full of so much anger and spite and nastiness towards everyone non-Lutheran. Ouch!

  3. how lovely that you have such a treasure.... your German reading sounds like my Hebrew reading... we need someone to 'fill in the blanks'... :0D

  4. Susanne,

    My ancestor's are all rolling in their graves at how bad my German is, really. I should brush up.

  5. CC,

    I'll look into them, thanks. :)

    You know, I've come across similar attitudes in several denominations, but, growing up, never in my own church. We were 'high church' Lutherans, and I'll admit to growing up woefully unaware of a lot of things, like the fact that the rest of the world wasn't Lutheran too... :) But we apparently missed out on all the hate and invective some others got. :) Darn.

  6. Ahavah,

    It's a lovely book, and I really do need to look into getting it repaired. I come from a family of pack rats, so we have *lots* of old stuff. :)

    I'm still terribly ashamed of my poor German.

  7. My family isall Lutheran but we don't have anything German. We have a heritage at our church of Scandinavia, Sweden in particular. I LOVED the Santa Lucia days of wearing the candles on my head on Christmas Eve.

    Oh that is too bad about Charley! So annoying, sounds like you are in Florida? Are you at least near Disney?

    Lutherans have a non-missionary attitude, but I agree they can be holier than thou at times. One reason-very old and aging population set in their ways. Love you lots Amber.

  8. Lisa,

    Non-German Lutherans? Then you're not really the best kind, are you? ;-) *jk*

    I'm trying to figure out the attitude, but I have to say that I encounter it in all denominations, so it's not just a Lutheran thing. I think, partially, it's a little of, 'We were the first! All you other Protestants are heretics of us!' *shrug*

    Yup, Florida girl. And it depends on what you mean by, 'near Disney'. I can drive there in a couple hours, but I live on the west coast.


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