Thursday, May 7, 2009

Live Long and Prosper


  1. ohhh yeahhhhh ANOTHER Trekkie Fan emerges...:0D

    Spock is SO my favourite person :0 ?ah flip - where's me straight line (Spock never smiles of course)...

    The new film is out in the UK on Friday.... oh boy....

  2. I cannot textually render my love of Spock. He was my first crush, I swear it to you!


    0 0


    There really isn't an exact way to portray Spock in this way, is there?

    It's officially out on Friday here as well, but they're having 'Midnight Showings' on Thursday. Only, the showings are at 7, 8, 10 and 11. I'm going to the 7. I've had my tickets for a week!

  3. It messed up my first 'Spock' face!

  4. Guess who invented the Vulcan hand greeting? Guess where they got the idea!

    My sisters and I shared a bedroom - they had posters of bay city rollers and slade - I covered my bit of wall with pictures of Spock, Kirk and the Enterprise.... I thought they were nuts!

    .. which means I've loved him MUCH longer than you... so I get first dips.... :0 (nope still cant get the straight line to work)...

  5. I seem to recall it being a Jewish gesture. :)

    *bows to your seniority*

    Of course, there's enough Spock to go around... ;-)

    p.s. - Movie = fantastic! I'm seeing it again this weekend.

  6. Squee! Saw the movie last night, best I have seen in a LONG time.

  7. Was it not full of wonderfulness? It was, it was. My sister enjoyed it, and she's not really a Trek fan. And there were so many little nods to all the series...*hearts*

  8. And another trekkie comes out of the closet...

    We saw it on Thursday night. Woooweee! Was that fun or what? Opens the way for a whole new future of Star Fleet.

  9. We Trekkies are everywhere! *insert semi-evil laughter here*

    Hmm...just got back from seeing it again. Still full of win.

    They (without giving too much away) gave themselves a whole new playing field. In retrospect, I think it's the best thing that could have been done.

  10. was a rare treat.... and the humour from the original series has been recreated very well..... Uhura is simply too gorgeous for words, and am loving the Orion (trust Kirk! ;0D )

    am waiting on tender hooks for dvd to come out... then will buy two - cause I suspect they will go the way of my Pride and Prejudice video - watched so much I now have a pink strip across the top - still it doesn't manage to spoil of the enjoyment of the divine Mr Darcy and the pool incident ... definately a girlie movie

  11. It was just enough of the original with new stuff mixed in! I'm waiting for the dvd and the sequel!

  12. OH! I was seriously in love with Spock too! I don't know how old you guys are - maybe I have first dibs on him :P

    How is the new Spock? I haven't seen the movie yet.

    I also had a crush on Darth Vader but that died when he removed his helmet and I saw the giant boiled egg head. Oh and I had one on Mr. Rourke on Fantasy Island too (who inceidentally also played Khan in the Star Trek movie The Wrath of Khan ) I don't think I was a normal kid ...

  13. desert,

    neoSpock, in my humble opinion, is a worthy successor to NimoySpock. Of course, I do love Zachary Quinto...

    Ahh....what is it about the bad guys? Vader was awesome, though I don't know I'd qualify my love of him as a crush. More...'wow, so that's how one takes over the universe..' *takes notes*

    Oh! Ricardo Montalban! Fabulous! No one has ever made gold mesh look so cool before!

  14. Your first crush? Mine, too! ^_^

    Leonard Nimoy was a real dish on the original series. : P And Quinto is quite the cutie, too. The chemistry he has with Chris Pine is worthy of the original Kirk and Spock.

    Bah. Who needs Uhura? : P LOL

  15. Heather,

    Spock is just...guh. NimoySpock or QuintoSpock is just fabulous! I can't wait for the sequel. More Star Trek!

    *nods* The set up is a tad different, but the spark between the two of them is still there.

    Uhura who? *lol* I like Uhura, but not between my boys!

    *ducks low* Hey, Heather...did you know I have a fangirl blog? :) I think you might like it over there...

    *end pimping of self*

    1. Did you delete this blog: ? Believe it or not, I JUST saw your comment on it on the nu!Spock pic squee post. : P

    2. *laughs* I did, just recently because I wasn't keeping up with it. I imported all the posts over to here though. I just decided that I don't feel the need to keep my fangirl life and my normal life separate and if people don't want to read about my eternal love for whatever, they can skip it!


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