Friday, May 1, 2009

Things That Make Me Happy It's May

This is a post with no substantive information, just one that I feel like making. :)

1. Misha Collins - Jimmy the Vessel:

2. Wolverine (and seeing Fast & Furious again, cause I'm taking my sister)

3. Star Trek

4. Angels & Demons

5. Terminator: Salvation

6. One month until I'm on vacation for a week

7. new Sookie Stackhouse book


  1. I took my sons to see Wolverine on Friday :). Have you seen it yet? We liked it, - they know all about the X-men, I just like Hugh :)

  2. I saw it Sunday afternoon. I liked it, but I too like Hugh, plus the XMen, and Deadpool, and Gambit... was like a little geek paradise...

    Did you guys stay for the extra bits at the end of the credits?

  3. It sounds like it's worth it just for Hugh! I can't wait for you to have a week off, sounds like fun. Hope you guys get to do something fun like Disney or a water park like the ones here in Texas. Love you dear.

  4. Hugh Jackman is worth it! And Ryan Reynolds too. Deadpool! *huggles him* *looses an arm for it* So worth it!

    I actually plan to do a whole lot of nothing for my vacation. Lay around on the deck and read, that sort of stuff. That's my idea of a perfect vaction. :)


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