Thursday, April 30, 2009

Not So Much Assisting...

as *teaching*.

Debbie (the other woman who volunteered to help with religious ed) and myself met with the DRE last night. It's not so much that we'll be helping teach (which to me implied that there'd be a teacher and then one of us, assisting, to learn the ropes), but teaching right off the bat. Ourselves.

Assuming that we pass the FBI screening we'll be teaching Basic Faith to 5/6th graders, which I'm comfortable with. The DRE is still previewing text books for next year, so I don't have a curriculum yet.


  1. is this good :0D or causing you to have a bad case of the 'wobbles'.... :0(

  2. Oh, we're going with 'wobbles'. I've no experience teaching. :-0

  3. I'm really proud of you Amber. That is so funny that the FBI has to check first, but hey let them. I know you will be well-suited to this. Love you.

  4. Thanks, we'll see. :)

    The FBI checks for criminal background, sexual predator status, that sort of stuff. So, it's good that the church uses them for their background checks.


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