Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Two Happies and Jim Butcher

Two things that made me quite happy yesterday:

1. Traffic stopped both ways on a fairly busy street so someone could rescue a turtle crossing the road. Also, public service announcement: If you do ever rescue a 'turtle', please do not help him by tossing him, however gently into the nearest body of water. Said 'turtle', may, in fact, be a tortoise, in which case he cannot swim, and you will have, unfortunately, killed him. Since most people (including me), cannot tell the difference, please play on the safe side and move him to a nice, safe, grassy area, headed away from the road, and let him do the rest.

2. Snoodity! My snood, which I won from Alana in her giveaway came in. It is currently seated, cutely, upon my head. Very adorable.


An open letter to Mr. Jim Butcher:

Dear Mr. Butcher,

The way I see it, there are two choices - either cease being so awesome, immediately, so that I can get some sleep, or write faster. I am almost finished with Codex Alera, except, of course, for First Lord's Fury, which is not out yet, bugger it all, and then I get to reread the Dresden Files, so I can get to Turn Coat. That's a *lot* of books, and very little sleep for me! And I just want more! So, you know, the only responsible thing is for you to write faster, so I can do all my damage at once! And not have the horrible delay and withdrawals when I finish all your books and have nothing left to read!

Thanks muchly,


Also, it is insane and mindbending to look at the numbers, and realize that you, to be healthy, need to lose an entire person. A *whole* other person. I am carrying around two of me. *brain breaks into little pieces*


  1. I would love to make a snood. I am new to sewing and still am 'practicing' just making straight hems! Can you offer me any advice? I surely would appreciate it!


  2. Great idea about the snood Amber. It was really cute on the other blog and looks pretty uncomplicated too!

    I was sad about the turtle/tortoise. It also would seem that throwing it in the water depending on from how high up, could also cause a significant injury in itself. I love turtles, and can't stand the idea of turtle soup for instance!

    Kind of like your love for Sharks :)

    Don't stress about the losing a whole person thing Amber. Inshallah everything is possible. I'm running again and happy with the results. I have found a big difference in just not eating bread which was also pretty easy! My mom went gluten free a few years back, and I've semi-joined her. Just think everything in moderation, and I promise you that's half the battle right there. Also, eliminate alcohol completely, and that will help you!

    You look great as you are now! I love you very much sweetie.

  3. Love to see a picture of that snood. Hint, hint.

  4. Muhala,

    Unfortunately I'm still in the same boat as you. Learning to sew.

    I've never made a snood, though just to look at them, they *appear* like they should be fairly easy. I was lucky enough to win this one from Alana.

    I *think* I recall her posting basic instructions on snood making a while back on her blog, but just at a glance, I couldn't find the post. I could also have been hallucinating it...:)

  5. Lisa,

    I had an idea? I can't recall having an idea... :)

    The snood is very cute. And so light weight! It's great for summer, which is almost here...

    Ah, the turtle that got rescued wasn't thrown into a pond. He was quite happily meandering for the woods under his own power. I mentioned the tossing thing because it's something that I've heard people say they'd done, assuming that it was a turtle. And it might well have been. But I prefer they not take the chance...

    And, yes, damage could be done depending on the height and distance and force of the throw. Most people, those not deliberately trying to hurt the turtle, toss gently, very low. They mean well, they really do.

    I do understand, I can't stand the idea of shark fin soup, or anything like that. The thought...well...rabid frothing at the mouth might be too mild a description...

    Thanks, Lisa. Really, it's less about looks, and what society sees as beautiful. It's hardly as though they'd get to see more skin if I was a size two...I'd still cover up. It's more healthy related. I've been lucky enough to have no complications from my weight, thus far. However, I don't want to take that risk. I don't want to be diabetic, I don't want to have a heart attack at 30.

    And I know that some of my weight problem is medical, and never going to go away. My thyroid disease is progressive and I have to live with it. But many people do, and they're not over weight. The rest of the problem is gluttony, and a tendency I developed in childhood to equate food with happiness. Most of the time, I know better now. But it's still a struggle.

    I find, psychologically, I have better luck not taking seconds when I remember that it is gluttony, I don't *need* the food, as much as I love it, and it is, ultimately, an abuse of the body that God gave me. Oh, I still fail, sometimes, and eat more than I should. It's a process, and I'm getting better at it. I exercise, and I'm working on the food stuff. I've given up alcohol, entirely, and I eat very little bread, etc. which is something new, so we'll see. It's all about finding a food lifestyle that works for me. :)

  6. Alana,

    I'll take the hint. :)

    I've just got to borrow my mother's camera to do it. *is sadly technologically inept, and so has no camera of her own*

  7. I'm really proud of you for being so conscious of the diabetes possibility. Can you still have children? My friend had a similar thyroid problem and went to fertility pills for 7 years. Luckily, she was successful after that and is happy 3 children later and still only 37. Lots of love!

  8. Lisa,

    As far as I know, yes. My thyroid condition, Hashimoto's disease, so far as I am aware, doesn't impare fertility, so long as it is being treated. I am on, not Synthroid, but a similar medication, which replaces the needed hormone and controls my symptoms.

    I have actually met several women through the blogosphere that have Hashimoto's and multiple chidren. So far I have no reason to believe that fertility will be an issue for me. If family history is any indication, I come from a *very* fertile family line... *waggles eyebrows*

  9. Ah, another turtle person?? My former neighbor was like that. :-)

    Congrats on the cute snood that you won.

    LOL @ your note to Mr. Butcher. I can relate.

    I like to eat, too.

  10. Susanne,

    I'm not as bad as some people in my family. My one grandmother almost caused an accident turning around to go rescue a turtle. :)

    The snood is fab. :) Alana is the best.

    Hmm..food...it is my downfall. :)

  11. Also! Jim Butcher - *dangerous* to health. But so worth it.

  12. Ha, yay for the Jim Butcher love. I would probably agree, except I just discovered his books last summer and have been way too busy with school to finish them all yet.

  13. Sanil,

    Jim Butcher is a dangerous man. *nods* But it's worth it, I swear. I love both his series, Codex Alera and Dresden Files, though I admit to favoring Dresden Files, because well, there're a *ton* of reasons. But they're both excellent series, and I recommend them to *everyone*. When you do get the time, it'd be very well spent reading his stuff. :)


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