Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rant to Get it Out of My System

Pardon me, whilst I rant a second. I'm not going to name names, because I don't think that I should give this 'church' (edit: henceforth referred to as 'Apostate Schismatic Heretics' thanks to Alana's suggestion) any word, even negative. However...

I am in possession of 8, *EIGHT*, separate 'press releases' (in one day, and it's still early!) from these Apostate Schismatic Heretics that run around the country picketing soldiers funerals and *LITTLE MURDERED GIRLS* funerals, because they can't get anyone to pay any attention to them any other way. You know why that is? Anyone with half a brain can see through their paranoid, apocalyptic rantings. There is no justification for these people. None. I read their crazy-pants rantings to get my blood flowing in the morning.

They justify their hatred of *everyone* who is not them using the Bible. And they use it badly, hells bells, they've *changed* it to say what they want. Even I, a novice, know that. All it takes is opening a Bible, pick a translation, any translation, and they've blatantly *changed* some of the verses they quote. I am aware that there are wackos in the world, and I accept this as something unlikely to change. But these people take the cake, they really do. Their badly written and *inaccurate* invective is mostly amusing, but also infuriating.

They make me ashamed to call myself Christian, because of their misuse and abuse of my religion. So, you know what I'm gonna do? I know where they're 'protesting'. I'm going to a couple of these places, where they don't want people to show up. And I'm going to *resist* the humongous and primal urge to flip them off and then beat them about the head with a large heavy object until they see sense. Because answering stupidity with violence is clearly not the answer. But I'm going to go to the churches they called 'damned' and worship there, and go to the places they 'damn' and have fun.


  1. I despise these so-called Baptists. They really do give conservative Christians a bad name.

  2. Hmm, that obvious who I mean, is it? :)

    They give everyone such a bad name...and...and...grah! *incoherent rage*

    The only thing I'll give them is this: they are equal opportunity jerks. They hate *everyone* equally. Even other Baptists.

  3. Call them what they are: Apostate Schismatic Heretics.

  4. Do you feel better now poppet? It's not good for you to have all that 'crossness' in one's chest..... :0D

  5. Alana,

    See, I never think of proper names for these people when I'm fuming!

  6. Ahavah,


    That's why I occasionally rant. To get it out there, and then I feel a bit better. :)

    Heh. 'Poppet'.

  7. :0D 'poppet' it is an 18th Century term of endearment sort of like: 'lambkins' or 'dearest one'....

    I think it is probably used more in UK English rather than USA English...


  8. Ahavah,


    See, I associate it with Spike from BtVS...

    Yes, I was one of *those* nerds...

    It's definately not an American English thing. :)

  9. What's a 'Spike from BtVS'? sounds nasty....

    oh dear lol.... we speak the same words but never it would seem the same language.... :0D

    and here's me having major trouble learning Turkish... perhaps I should 'American' onto my list of languages to learn...

  10. Go worship and have fun! :-) What a great way to flip the bird in an unassuming manner.

  11. Susanne,

    *gnaws on the furniture some more* So irritating.

  12. Ahavah,

    BtVS - Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was a tv show, I assumed it made over there as well. Spike was a character on the show, quite popular. He was played by James Marsters.

    I wouldn't worry. It's the slang that catches us up. :)

  13. Anna,

    Yes, it's a genteel way of flipping them off. :-)

  14. I can't believe that they have the nerve to show up at funerals! And of soldiers, what could they possibly gain anyway at these? Keep worshiping, they cannot stop you! And let them know they are in error, it is actually a duty in Islam. Lots of love dear.

  15. Lisa,

    They show at funerals, partially, I think, to try and get one of the attendees to attack them, so they can say, 'see! we're presecuted!' but the main reason is that they're looking for press. Without it, they're just another little cult ranting at the choir.

    It's also an obligation in Christianity, to correct with love and charity, but there are some people that just won't listen.

  16. I think you're talking about the Phelps (I think that's how it's spelled) and they can't even be called a church. They only have about 30-40 members and it's all family. Bunch of FREAKS!

    They are a disgrace plain and simple.

    BTW, congrats on your conversion, welcome to the family!

  17. Lurker,

    I think that's the name, yes. He and his family are messed up in the extreme, and you're right, the 'church' is made up of his family.



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