Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good Omens

Do I need to have two copies of Good Omens so I can have the cover with Crowley and the cover with Aziraphale?

I already have the black cover, with Aziraphale, and I saw (not on sale, which is why I didn't pick it up), the white cover, with Crowley. Exact same book, different cover...hmm....

Very important question.


  1. I have the white cover. I would love both, but cannot justify it since I am a broke student.

    If you can, then yes OF COURSE you need both! ;D

  2. lol! I never could get the hang of Terry Prachett.... I spent to long trying to work out what the words were supposed to be saying... guess that comes from being a life long secretary I suppose!

    My daughter has the same style shoe in a HUGE range of colours.... guess this works the same with books eh?


  3. Sanil,

    Of course you're right. :) I'm running by the store after work, hoping that it's still there. After all, much as I love Aziraphale, Crowley is my fave...

  4. Ahavah,

    I've never read any other Pratchett book. Honestly, I picked this up because of Neil Gaiman, and my all consuming love for his work. :) I, of course, would recommend this book for everyone! I've yet to come across anyone who's read it and not loved it. Such is the power of Crowley! *snickers*

    For some, I guess, it's like the shoe thing, but this is specific to this book for me. Any other book, different cover? Meh. I only replace them as needed, or if I upgrade my favorites to hard cover. But Good Omens? It's a whole different thing.

  5. I am now the proud owner of *two* copies of Good Omens. One white, one black. They look so nice on the shelf beside each other. :)


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