Monday, April 27, 2009

My New Orthodox Bible

Hmm, my new Bible came today...

I'm at work, so I haven't really had a chance to look through it, except quickly, but I really like the quality and format, from what I've seen. And, yes, bonus, I love the icons that they've included....very nice. It is, for those who are interested, The Orthodox Study Bible.

Now, back to work. And to decide if there's a point to the post about the Fast & Furious and gladiatorial combat and female hormones and reproduction that I half want to write...


  1. Excellent choice, I have one as well and found it to be a great resource.

    I also have the Macarther Study Bible and the Reese Chronological Bible. And recommend the latter if you're looking to put things in a time-line.

  2. Both hubby and I love the quotes from the Fathers in the study notes. A real Orthodox Bible---finally!

  3. oh dear.... another one to add to my amazon wish list.... :0D

  4. This is absolutely wonderful and worth every penny. Just too bad it had to arrive on a Monday :) But, heck nothing like this to cure a case of the Monday's. Love you.

  5. Janice,

    Thanks for the suggestions. It actually made me think, 'how many Bibles does one person need?' since I currently have three...and then I realized who family has seven altogether...

  6. Mamajuliana,

    It's great...and I'm the kind of person who reads all the footnotes on everything. I'm very happy with this Bible. :)

  7. Ahavah,

    Amazon is a dangerous thing. Very, very dangerous. :) My wishlist would give some weaker people the vapors!

  8. Lisa,

    Oh, it's not bad that it came on a Monday. It's hardly as though I could have read the entire Bible on a weekend anyway...

    But it is totally worth it. :)

  9. sob... wail... I succumbed.... 2 books are winging their way to me...

    :0D I am quite beside my self with excitment....

    ohh erm.. I mean I will try harder next month... perhaps if I revoke my internet privelgdes for a month that might make me shape up? lol!

  10. Oooohhh....

    Whad'ya get?

    er, i mean, yes, bad, naughty ahavah...ground yourself!

    but first, tell me what you bought!


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