Friday, April 3, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

Lisa did one over at her place, and it seemed like an entertaining thing to do. :)


Dean and Castiel and 'the Winchester Gospels'! And a prophet of the Lord named Chuck (not pictured).

This shalwar khameez from Al Hannah:

Jumper-dress from Katie's Mercantile: I'm considering buying one, but I want to wait and see how Alana's order with them goes first.

My Baby (and all my pets, but his picture is the one I have on my computer):

Great White Sharks:


Good Omens (Crowley!):


  1. Oo, you just led me to a great store! So thanks!

    I really wanted a shalwar khameez, but couldn't find one I liked at any of the stores I tried. Somehow I missed Al Hannah before, but I love theirs now that I've looked.

  2. You know, I forgot to link them. I fixed that now. I've never bought from them, but they do have some very pretty ones. :)

  3. I enjoyed seeing some of your favorite things. Your dog is so cute!

    Cool beads and I like those clothes you pictured as well. Very nice list.

  4. I knew you'd include the great White sharks! Just knew it. That was one of the prettiest shalwar khameez outfits I've ever seen. I think it would look beautiful against your hair Amber. So nice.
    Your list was awesome compared to mine! Love you so much!

  5. Susanne,

    He is, isn't he? That's a baby picture. He's a bit bigger now, about 35 lbs. :)

    Hmm, yes, I do love those beads. And the clothes...I keep wavering on buying them, but I'm leary of buying stuff online, unless I know people who've had good experiences with the stores before.

  6. Lisa,

    Heh. Well, I do love 'em. :)

    *sigh* It is a pretty outfit, isn't it?


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