Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Proof that Amber is Occasionally a Little Kid

To balance out earlier whining post...
I found a grasshopper leg in my yard.

This is very, very cool:

Really, what are the chances of looking down, in a large yard, and finding a grasshoppers leg? It was sans grasshopper when I found it, just to make the point - I would never de-leg anything, on purpose.


  1. I think I will go the way of all mothers in this one.... creatures (even bits of one) should remain FIRMLY outside.....

    I am quite, quite sure there is a hebrew blessing somewhere for finding part of a creature....

  2. Yeah, that was pretty much the reaction of the entire house when I brought it in to show them.

    It was totally dried out, so I snuck it into the glass table where we keep seashells and sharks teeth. I'm just waiting to see how long it takes for anyone else to notice.

  3. I'd definitely put that in the "cool" category. At my house I might even do a Nature Journal entry about it.

  4. *grins* It was very cool.

    I find all sorts of neat nature things now that I live in the middle of nowhere and no one else finds them as cool as I do.

    I found part of a spine once, but it got ruined before I could finish cleaning it...

  5. Are you sure it was a grasshopper's leg? That is so cool. I love that you keep sharks teeth, so funny. Love you!

  6. Lisa,

    Fairly certain. I won't say 100%, simply because there's always a chance I'm wrong. Not that that's ever happened before. :)

    And, is it really any surprise I have a shark's tooth collection? Really? ;)


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