Tuesday, May 12, 2009

(maybe) Rain and Gardens...

I was playing with the camera outside, and it looks/smells/and feels like rain! So, here's hoping.

Pictures of what might be rain, coming my way.

My mother's flower bed, and then some potted babies that she's waiting to plant. I have *no* idea what any of these are, except for the yellow ones in the bed. They're straw flowers, and they do very well in dry climate. The flowers all curl up when they get wet!

The veggie garden. We have lettuce and radishes, we were supposed to have carrots, but they didn't make it. Cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans and corn. The sunflowers got planted up near the front fence, but they didn't make it either. *Someone* who shall remain nameless, but who answers to Dad, forgot that we have rabbits in the yard. The bunnies ate well.



Corn - I assume that the fuzzy bit is what's going to become corn. It's still in the young stage...

Our two strawberry plants....

And the single strawberry that they have thus far produced. :)


  1. An impressive strawberry yield... the birds always seem to get to mine before me... I think they have some sort of geiger counter when it comes to detecting 'ripeness of strawberries'

    My toms are still only plants ohh bout this high (holds fingers apart so's you can see how big)...

    my mini orchard arrived yesterday.... :0D

    still waiting on my books though... I wonder if dodi actually ordered them? hummm frown

  2. Very nice garden! How good of that nameless guy who answers to Dad to feed the bunnies. ;-)

    You all normally get enough rain, don't you? I didn't think of your area as being in a "dry" climate...hmmm.

  3. We're still trying to decide who gets to eat the strawberry...

    *nods at finger spread* It's respectable for baby tomatoes. :)

    Where does one get a mini orchard? Is it a box of tiny little trees? Do they produce mini fruit? *wanders off to google it* I'm oddly taken by the idea of tiny fruit...

    Did you order from Amazon? If you do the 'free shipping', it can take a little longer, sometimes. My Orthodox Bible shipped *really* quickly, but then took forever to actually arive.

  4. Susanne,

    Yes, nameless man is really very generous with the bunnies. :)

    Ah, Florida has dry season and wet season. Wet season typically begins right before hurricane season, which starts in June. Anyway, dry season, for the past three years, has been very dry, and wet season less wet than usual. So...rain good! We had our first real rain today. :)

  5. for mini orchard.....


    hummm 'something' has been noshing on my baby Toms :0( ....

    my gooseberry twig has survived implantation and I've got some wild brambles that attacked me yesterday...

    I am having a big fight with ants over the juicy berries...

    but I am bringing in my secret defence weapon - we are at Def Con 2.....

  6. Cute Amber! Okay I'll officially support you if you go the all gardens lawn yard!

  7. Lisa,

    Victory is mine! Though, I have to admit that 'all garden' in my yard is impractical. I'll just be happy without shrubbery and palmettos.


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