Monday, January 11, 2010

Kinder & Various Other Things

Kids: We had a small class yesterday, 8 kids. It worked out well - we did the Gospel, which was the Baptism of Jesus from Luke. Debbie had also found a worksheet for them to do with the Beatitudes, so we did those, which the kids like. Funny thing, the New Testament books that we usually use for the class (bigger print and 'smaller' words), were a different translation than the worksheet, so the kids were having trouble figuring the questions out. So I pulled out the full Bible's we have in the class, and they were the same translation, so we used those. The kids were funny, asking who 'Genius' was...they meant Genesis, but couldn't say it quite right. They've heard us say it, but I don't think they'd ever seen it written out before. We did four or five 'words' and that was about it. Busy busy.

Mini Me (Deb's daughter, who shares my name) had a scarf on because of the cold. Of course, she sees me with a scarf on my head all the time, and when we were in the class, before classes start and she had to go to hers, wrapped hers around her head and tied it under the chin. I laughed and told her she looked like a little babushka now. Then I showed her how I do mine for the cold, without tying it, which is just to wrap it around and throw the ends over each other. So, at the end of the day (10:30 am...), when we were leaving, she and her family were going across the property to church, and I was leaving, and she had me help her wrap her scarf so her ears would stay warm. :)

Speaking of cold...our pipes froze last night. Or, well, the water froze. We're on well water, and we covered the well, and kept water running during the night, but it just got too cold. I've had *ice* on my car and in the pond. My abaya makes a great housecoat, and I've been wearing it as an extra layer outside to keep warm. You should see me walking the dogs. I've got regular clothes on, so, pants or skirt & top, socks, abaya, shayla scarf (very early in the morning, the past two mornings, I've worn it niqab style, to boot), winter jacket, and gloves. I may look funny, but I'm *warm*! Oh! And we're having a 'snow day' at the schools down here. FPL is doing load control, and so they've shut down the schools in our county because they won't be able to run the heat.

Hmmm...My first weigh in (well, second, but the first doesn't really count since it was just a 'let's see what we've got to work with kind of thing) is tonight. I'm praying I lost at least the two pounds. I'm just afraid I'll go there, and have done all this stuff, and been eating right, and not have lost any weight!

Next Sunday we're 'off' school, so I'm going to the Greek Orthodox church: Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church.

And...that's about it. The Holmes movie has made me break out my copies of The Canon so I'm reading those at the moment. So much love.


  1. HOLMES WAS AWESOME! I love me some RDJr. YAY for the books too.

    The kids are so cute, and I can totally picture you walking down the street.

  2. Great to read an update on you, the kids, your cold weather and your warm dress. :)

    Don't be discouraged if for some reason the weight doesn't register that you've lost 2 lbs. Keep up what you are doing and you'll start noticing inches lost, clothes being looser and so forth.

  3. Aw. I love kid stories.

    I have been FREEZING lately. The heater vent in my room is right under my broken window and I haven't found anything to redirect the air yet, though I know I should be able to. Glad you're keeping warm.

  4. dont forget to measure you in the places that matter... include as well your neck, tops of arms, legs, calves and ankles....

    this is important... !! cause if youre not losing pounds - you will be losing inches!

    I've been doing this for the husband who gets positively suicidal if the scale doesnt show any decrease and then he heads for the fridge for snacks and other naughties...

    but encouraging him this way has enabled him to still to the good fodder even when the scales are showing 0 decrease.

    he has lost some 8 inches on his chest since last August... :0D

  5. LK,

    Mmmmm...RDJr. is awesome in all things. But yes, he was an excellent Holmes. And, I don't mind saying Jude Law's Watson was perfect.

    Hah. Luckily, my neighbors are used to me by now, so they just grin and wave. :)

  6. Susanne,

    Thanks for the encouragement. I'd gone in tonight convinced that no matter what the scale said, I've been taking steps in the right direction, but the scale told me good things.

  7. Sanil,

    Kids are *made* of adorable. :)

    Oooh...I have no suggestions for the redirection of heat, but, um, layers. Layers are key, in the mean time.

  8. Ahavah,

    Yes, Julie's mentioned that she'll be measuring me as well, but we haven't so far. Still, I know as long as I stick to it, I'm doing the right thing. Thanks. :)


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