Friday, January 15, 2010

My Weekend in Preview

Sadly, my computer bit it last night. I'd gotten a virus the night before, we thought Sophos had dealt with it, but when I turned it on last night it asked me for a password (I've never had a password on it), and Dad checked it out (it's good to live with computer people) and says it's been screwed but good. So we're going to (and by we I mean he) get my files/links off sometime this weekend (he hacked into my computer to be able to do that) and wipe it out and start over again. He wants to put Ubunto on it instead of Windows, and I pretty much asked him if it was going to be some sort of weird, computer nerd system where I have to learn code to use it, and he said no, and I asked if I could still do the things I needed to do, and he said yes, so I told him to go for it if he thinks it'd be best. So. I'll be without a computer this weekend until (probably) Sunday evening.

Sunday I'm going to the Greek Orthodox church. The service starts at 10, so I'm assuming that it'll be over around 11:30, like the Serbian service. I will be letting you all know what's what on Monday if I don't get my computer back Sunday night, no worries.

Sunday afternoon, we're going to go to the movies. We're doing a double, which means we're seeing two movies. We're going to go see The Lovely Bones and The Book of Eli.

First, I *loved* the book The Lovely Bones. I also read the author's (Alice Sebold) memoir, Lucky. They're both excellent books, but if dark themes (rape and murder) bother you, best steer away. She doesn't sugar coat things, but she also doesn't go into excruciating detail, which can sometimes be a hard line to walk.

I've also been looking forward to The Book of Eli. 1) I love Denzel Washington. The man can act. He picks excellent movies to act in. 2) Post-apocalyptic movie. I'm a simple woman. I like stuff like this. Also zombies, which aren't in this movie, as far as I know, I'm just saying. Post-apocalyptic and zombies kind of tend to go together. 3) The Biblical theme. It's a button I have. They've pushed it. Again, with the simple woman thing.

And next week, we have Legion. Ummm...angels fighting. Apocalypse. What's not to love? Plus, plus, there's this scene in the trailer, where they're fighting, and Gabriel is ducked and swinging around because the other angel (whose name I don't think we have...) (I sit corrected. It's Michael!) is jumping over him, and it looks like he was using his wings to try and sweep the legs out from under the guy Michael and it's just *cool*. Um, yeah. So. In summary...Angels! *flail*


  1. So sorry about the computer woes, but I'm glad your father is able to fix things for you. Eager to hear more from you when you are back online.

    In the meantime enjoy the Orthodox service and the movies. :)

  2. Susanne,

    It's probably a good thing, the lack of internet for a little while. I'm a bit of an addict...

  3. GO UBUNTU! :D

    I'm sorry about your computer troubles, though. You will have to learn some new things and will have to add some things on Ubuntu to have the same functionality for videos and such, but that can be done with the package manager instead of with code if you like it that way. Or your dad could do it. :)

    Enjoy all the movies!

  4. I've had it for less than 24 hours, but so far, I think I might love it. :)

    Yeah, dad all the way. I'm...less than ept, technologically. I mean, to the point where, I asked him if I'd still be able to burn cds, and he asked what I mean by that. Like...burn information on them, or set them on fire? Those're the kinds of jokes I must put up with, because I am not a computer nerd like the rest of the family. :)

    The movies were great. Now I'm looking forward to Legion. Angel fights! *makes squeaky noises*


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