Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WTM: 18 Again!


So, I have one pair of size 18 pants that I've never even taken the tags off. They were given as a gift, and I've never been able to fit into them. But, of course, I never got rid of them.

Well, this morning, on a whim, I threw them on real quick.


I mean, they're *tight*. Too tight to be worn in public yet, but they FIT. I can button/zip them up, sit, etc. All without the dreaded holding your breath maneuver.

Now, I know to all you skinny people out there, 18 is still big. But considering the fact that I was a size 24/26 about 4 1/2 months ago? 18 is AWESOME!


  1. Whoo hoo!!! That's great, Amber!! :-D

  2. YAY!!!!! 18 is so not that big. You getting skinny girl. Congrats!

  3. I'm so impressed that you made the decision to lose weight and then just went and did it :) I have no idea about American sizes but it certainly sounds like you've made great progress! What's your target?

  4. Ab-fab! You're gaining, er, losing on me! :-)

    To think I am *double* the dress size than I wore 4 years ago. Shocking!

  5. Susanne,

    Whoo hoo indeed! It is wonderful!

  6. LK,

    *grin* I guess it's not *that* big, but still. Hehe. 'Skinny' will never be used to describe me. Too many natural curves. :)

  7. sanil,

    Also, yippee! I was *so* happy!

  8. Sarah,

    Actually, it's not that clean. I've been fighting with my weight for most of my life. I over ate for a variety of reasons. I didn't exercise. I spiraled to where I am. My mother, actually, forced me to get a personal trainer, and that's what made the difference. Without her, and without my trainer, I'd still be sinking.

    I have to idea about British sizes, so I can't make a guess for you. Umm...I've lost 40 lbs, if that gives you any ideas about the amount lost, though it still won't help the size.

    I don't really have a target weight in mind. My mother is obsessed with 150 lbs, but I'm not. I'm not built small, to be honest. My wrist is twice as thick as my trainers, and there's no fat involved there. I'm just, really, built solidly. I'll be happy whenever I hit a weight/size that is more muscle than fat, and healthy. Whatever number that may look like. I suspect it'll be between 170-190, but I'm not determined to be a specific weight.

  9. Anna,

    Isn't it just?

    *sigh* The weight goes on so easily, it's getting it *off* that's hard.

  10. I imagine I wear an 18 or so too. But then again, I am very tall, so that that size means 'slim' for me. But to drop that many sizes in such a short time - wow! I hope that this comes from eating healthy, just making little changes and then watching the pounds drop :) Then it's more likely the pounds will stay off :D Congratulations!

  11. caraboska,

    Ah, and see, I'm not tall. I'm only 5'7".

    Yes, it does. I've shifted my eating and am exercising daily. It's a new lifestyle! :)



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