Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tobit 6:5

The young man did as the angel commanded him. Then they cooked the fish and ate it.

And for Susanne, since you don't have Tobit. There's not verse 30 in the fourth chapter, so this is 4:21:

Do not fear, my son, that we have become poor. For you are very rich if you fear God. Stay away from every sin, and do what is pleasing before Him.

Ah, Tobit is one of my favorite books of the Bible.


  1. Oh your Bday is coming? Right Right?

  2. What's with the verse 30 thing for Susanne??? Looks like I've missed something...

  3. Thanks, Amber! Maybe after Sirach, you should start a Tobit series for my benefit! That's a great verse for me!

    Caraboska, by birthday is April 30 so my verse is the 30th of every 4th chapter whereas Amber's is June 5 so it's the 5th verse of every 6th chapter. It's a series she started several weeks ago after they did this in the Kinder class she co-taught at her church. I'm usually the only one who participates so she helps me out when it comes to books I don't have. She's sweet like that. :-)

    And my word verification is "con me" (no space). Hmmmm. *quirks eyebrow*

  4. LK,

    Yep. Next Saturday, as a matter of fact. :)

  5. caraboska,

    Like Susanne said, it's her birthday. But if there is no verse 30, then Susanne's been using the last verse of chapter 4.

  6. Susanne,

    Hmm...Sirach's actually quite long. It has 51 chapters. :)

    I could do Tobit too, though. Tobit on Thursdays anyone?

  7. It's your blog, but I'd like to read Tobit. Is that a person or thing?

    *runs to hide head in shame for her ignorance*

  8. Susanne,

    That's right, it *is* my blog. And I'll do what I wanna do. :p So. Tobit starts tomorrow. :)

    ps: Tobit is a person, dear. :)

  9. awesome .. can't wait to meet (learn of/from) him! :D


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