Friday, May 21, 2010

WTM: Wardrobe Malfunction in the Making

I swear, these jeans fit me two days ago.

Now, I don't have to unbutton or unzip them to take them off. They just come off with a slight tug.

I'm having to hike them up when I walk.

And, of course, I'm house sitting through Monday, and *both* pairs of jeans that I brought are having this issue. And I refuse to wear dress pants all weekend. Refuse. The jeans will just have to stay up through sheer will power!

Ah, it's a hell of a problem to have, though, isn't it?

p.s. not for anything, but I'm feeling nautical at the moment. hence the change of theme....


  1. suspenders? :-P

    Great problem though!

    Lovin' the theme!!

  2. LOL! Hey, that's an awesome problem to have! Better than the reverse -- that you can't zip them up... ; P

  3. You can always put a thin scarf through the belt loops.

  4. A little belt to actually hold the trousers up, and a gorgeous cummerbund or wide belt over it to conceal just how bunchy the waistline is :D At least you're female and can get away with a wide belt. A certain male friend of mine has this problem, and probably the only remedy is to have his trousers custom tailored...

  5. Everybody (except Susanne, who is thoroughly *un*helpful),

    Thanks. I don't have a belt, but I did, of course, bring plenty of scarves, so I'm using that. I feel sort of hippie-ish, but that's okay. :)


    *SUSPENDERS*?! You're *so* lucky you live in another state, darlin'. :p

  6. Amber, what can you accept from a Southern gal (Susie)?! Haha!


    And I'm jealous now. Two days? Wow1


  7. Suroor,

    I expect better from a Southern gal than from a Yankee, for sure. *cocks eyebrow* If I didn't know better, I'd say she was messing with me... ;)

    Well, it *seems* like they fit without having to be held up only a few days ago. But isn't that how it goes?

    Thanks! :)


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