Sunday, March 20, 2011

Movie: Limitless

Right, first things first.

Bradley Cooper is *pretty*. Not like, Orlando Bloom, delicate looking pretty. And not quite Liam Neeson, rugged man pretty (aka handsome, I know). But closer to Neeson on the spectrum.


Right. Right. Glad we've got that out of the way. So.

The premise of the movie is that Bradley Cooper's character, Eddie Morra, is a down and out kind of loser. He's one short step up from being out on the street and is an unsuccessful writer. After being dumped by his girlfriend, Lindy, he runs into his ex-brother-in-law, Vernon. Vernon takes him out for a drink and gives him a pill. Vernon, as you may guess, is not an upstanding member of society. The pill, NZT, allows a person to access all of their brain, all the time. (There's the old myth that we only use 20% of our brain, which isn't technically true. We use all of our brain, just not all at the same time. Different parts have different uses and get used for different things, etc.)

So Eddie takes the pill, and bam. He's a freaking genius. He knows everything he ever saw, heard, read. Things he didn't think he took in, he did. And he can extrapolate from them and from incoming information to allow for every possibility and choose the best path.

There's plot twists, and people coming after him, and yadda. It's a good movie, and I'm not going to spoil it. Go see it. Seriously.

But the one thing that I find perhaps socially interesting from the movie is that it doesn't end with a 'drugs are BAD' message. Yes, it does show that there are side effects to the drug. But those side effects only occur when the dosage is exceeded, or when he stops taking it entirely. When he's on it and taking it properly, remembering to eat, etc. the only side effect is that his life is fabulous. Except for the people trying to kill him, but since he's smarter than them, it's less of a problem than it might be.

I'm still thinking about this, about the implications of the message seeming to be, 'as long as you use drugs responsibly, it's okay'. So I don't have any deep thoughts. Maybe I'm reading too much into the movie? Whatever. I loved it.

Have a picture of Bradley Cooper. Gaze upon his masculine beauty and despair!


  1. Oh, he IS cute! :)

    I took a drugs class years ago and one of our projects was to see how drugs were used in TV, movies and magazines. We learned how often drugs (and by this it meant prescription drugs used legally, alcohol, cigarettes as well as the illegal stuff) were used in a favorable way. Our teacher said we used drugs to help us sleep, help us wake up, to do this and do that. Message was: we are a very much drug-using nation. :)

  2. We are so medicated. I do my best to only take the drugs I absolutely have to.

    And yes, he is cute. So. Cute. *goes into Bradley Cooper cute-coma*

    Oh, hai there captcha. Since I'm not logged in, I get a captcha. And it's 'orans'.

  3. Looks interesting, will definitely have to see if I can give it a watch :)

    captcha: sophsm

  4. Becky,

    What's the timeline on you getting movies over there? I think UK releases are usually a week or so behind the US, but sometimes it seems like it takes longer from what I hear.

    Dear captcha, We have engaged in no sophism in this post. Please stop stalking us. Thanks! :D

  5. It depends a lot, really really big movies are usually on the same day or within a week (like when the LotR movies came out), but smaller movies can be 1-6 months delayed. The King's Speech for example only just came out like 2 weeks ago (I'm going to see it tomorrow, yay!)

    As for Limitless, I just found out it's coming out on the 21st of April, but there's a pre-premiere on the 18th, and my mobile company is offering 2 tickets for the price of 1! So I'm going to see that on the 18th, pretty excited :)

    LOL to your msg for Captcha!


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