Friday, March 4, 2011

Supernatural S6 - And Then There Were None

The one where Samuel dies? Y/Y?

See, Dean told Zachariah that he'd stab him in the face. And he did. So now I need Dean to kill Samuel. Cause he said he would.

Hi Mommy! I do like the mother.

Dear truck driver: it does not pay to pick up pretty girls on the highway. Not on this show anyway.

Oh, oh, it wasn't a drill bit in the preview last week. It was her tongue! I will bet you!

Or maybe not, since he didn't get hollowed out or anything. Mmm...

'Sarcasm attracts the hammer, Bob.' I know, I know. Completely inappropriate.

Rufus! Grumpy Old Hunters!

Well that's nice and pleasant. Gooey stuff in the ear. *blargh* Why is there not a smiley for blargh face?

And there's Gwen. Shoot her. Shoot! No, dammit. Shoot HIM!

"Ow. Somebody needs a hug." *tries to hug Rufus and Bobby at the same time*

Eve = Mommy. Wow, what a stretch. *smacks Samuel**with a baseball bat*

I don't like Gwen. And I don't trust her. Dean, don't be stupid here.

Wait, what?

Oh! Mommy got him!

Never leave someone alone in the dark warehouse with the monster on the loose.

Okay. Got it. Mommy laid the new little monster inside truckers ear. He worked at the cannery, it crawls out of him, into the other guy. And now it's in the cannery. Duh. Wow, I'm slow tonight.

'Khan worm on steroids!'


Admit it. Ricardo Montalban was hot.

Um. Bobby/Rufus? y/y?

Of *course* he had a hold out gun. Duh.

Also, I really love Dean's gun. If I didn't have such small girly-hands, that would be the gun I would get. M1911A1. As it is, I do have girly-hands, and it looks like a large grip. But I guess I'd have to handle one to know for sure.

Dangit! I wanted Dean to kill him dead!

On an unrelated note, I think this Suckerpunch movie would only be good if I was severely high.

You have a cranial saw in the truck?

Of course.

And now we have the obligatory emo woobie moment. God, just hug already.

And now we shall have Bobby and Rufus kiss and make up. Dammit.

*makes wibbly movements* BOYS!

Lord, everyone on this show needs so much therapy.


Okay, you kind of knew it was coming, but still.

Note for the future: always restrain the 'corpse' before you try to cut it's brain open.

'define a hundred'


The monster is never just gone.

Sam...that is both dumb and brilliant. Pretty much like you.

Some people pay for that kind of thing...

RUFUS! Wait! Now what will I do with my new found Bobby/Rufus feelings? *wails* Dammit. All my old-guy pairings are half dead.

Why do you keep talking about herpies?

Khan-worm speaks!

Dude. Uh...this is a bad idea for many reasons.

And Sammy had to turn away.

Squish it, stupid!

And on another unrelated note. Red Riding Hood - do want!

Beast of Gevaudan story = personal obsessive favorite!

How much do I love that Rufus was Jewish?

'he always used to pull the old, can't work on the Sabbath card, when we had to bury a body'

preview: FUCKING APRIL 15 WHAT THE FUCK?!!??? ANOTHER break?

Cas! Balthazar! Mommy! COWBOYS! Silly death? Gabe? Could that be your work? Did I mention COWBOYS?


  1. Suckerpunch - It looks terrible. But, Emily Browning. All growed up and blonde. Weird.

    Red Riding Hood - Oh my goodness, yes. I've been waiting for that one for quite awhile. My best friend is supposed to see it with me, but she went off the radar. She does that a lot. :-/ She's like me on the blog, but worse.

    Sam...that is both dumb and brilliant. Pretty much like you.

    Haha, yes. Good way to describe him and most of what he does.

    I dislike that Mommy/Mama is called Eve. Especially since she went on her anti-Christian-God rant right away. Why name herself after one of his creatures? I know the name also means "life" and is a perfect name for a mother of all, really. That's why it's Eve's name (in the Bible, I mean). But still. There are other languages. I so wanted her to be Gaia. And also not evil...Ok, fine, I guess I'm glad they didn't hijack another pagan god to be a run-of-the-mill monster.

    How much do I love that Rufus was Jewish?

    :D Rufus was awesome in so many ways. It's too bad he was so stupid about forgiving Bobby. Jerk. *hugs him..and then squishes him and Bobby together so they can comfort each other*

    *sigh* The breaks. Driving me crazy. Oh well, I guess I'll have lots more homework time for awhile, and then when it's back I'm on break from school. :)

  2. In response to Sanil: I was kinda expecting Gaia to be used...since Lilith has already been used for this show. I can see why this "Mother" character might appreciate perverting the name for her own uses though...evil people like doing that.

    Oh, in case you didn't know. The whole "why do you keep talking about herpes" is a joke about an old, horrible!, 80s movie that I would never have expected to be referenced. They had space looked sorta like that thing.

    I liked Gwen...I'm sad she died.

    Anyway, still love these posts. Best part of watching the episode is knowing I can read this later :D

  3. Just wrote a blog post about that reference in fact, complete with youtube video!


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