Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It is impossible to say that there was a time when Christ was not, because prior to the creation of creation, there was no time.

I wish my brain would stop mixing theology/philosophy/the Dresden Files.

Don't ask.


  1. ROTFL @ Dresden files

    BTW watched the TV show and it was quite good. I can't wait to get the books!

  2. But some Christians believe/used to believe that Christ was created by God and so came after time... where did I read that recently, was it at your blog Susanne?

  3. Notice the craziness that is me being only half a day late!

  4. LK,

    I cannot say it enough: the books are so much better!

    Just keep in mind that they changed a lot for the tv series, so it'll take a little adjusting.

  5. Becky,

    I think that was actually here that you saw that. In the last post I did on the Gospel of Mary I mentioned Arianism, which taught that God the Father created God the Son prior to the creation of the universe. Which is just wrong, of course. He's why, in the Nicene Creed we say 'begotten, not made'.

    Some wacky 'Christian' sect, the Mormons or the 7th Day Adventists, I can't recall which, think that Christ was really an incarnate Archangel Michael, so in their view he'd be a created being. But, uh, see 'wacky 'Christian' sect'.

    If God is One, and Trinitarian in nature, then no 'part' of God can be older or younger than any other 'part' of God. Whether or not the Son 'part' was created (in theory) before or after the creation of the rest of creation the fact of his creation would make God non-Trinitarian in aspect. God, Father, Son and Spirit exists from before everything, exactly as He exists now and exists in the future.

    It sort of all boils down to, if God created any aspect of Himself, at whatever point in 'time' or prior to the creation of 'time', then that portion is lesser than the rest of God and cannot be the same God. Thus giving us polytheism, which is paganism.

    Oh, I noticed your freakish nearly on time-ness! I considered delaying my response to put us back on schedule, but decided to reward the behavior instead! ;D


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