Saturday, March 5, 2011

Smallville - Scion


Okay, Smallville, you've had your problems. We all know it.

Like the distinct LACK OF FUCKING FLYING! that is not another Kryptonian or in a dream or some shit. Or your LACK OF THE GODDAMN BATMAN! *cough*

But I approve of your Conner!

Now give him a Timmy!

ps: Sanil, all I saw was a Legion ring in the preview. No Orange Lantern Ring.


  1. Aw. Well, like I said, I didn't actually see it at all closely. :D It was a split-second, corner of my eye sort of thing. Once I thought about it, I was pretty sure it wasn't likely. Batman should definitely come before orange lanterns.

    Conner is so adorable. I kind of want to adopt him. :D Or just snuggle him for awhile. Even his kryptonite-induced emo-kid phase was kind of funny instead of being too irritating or worrisome. Which is impressive, considering it at times felt like a direct lift of the most annoying (to me) character in all of the Buffyverse.

  2. Yeah, out of the corner of the eye it could have been an Orange Lantern ring. Plus, wishful thinking and all! :D

    *snicker* Buffy sort of set the mold for these kinds of shows. :)


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