Sunday, December 13, 2009

Five Thousand Two Fed

Okay, so it was three tilapia fillets and some rice, not five loaves and two fish, but whatever. I'm working at a disadvantage here! :)

I, have baked fish. It turned out *perfectly*. Not dry, undercooked, burnt, nothing! Yes, yes, it was a very simple recipe, but I refuse to allow you and your 'reality' to infringe upon my victory!

Just in case any one's wondering, here's what I did:

1. Preheat oven to 400

2. Wash fish and pat it dry

3. Brush lightly on both sides with extra virgin olive oil

4. Season with a little salt

5. Season with Season-All, Onion, Garlic, and Oregano

6. Bake for ten minutes


Really easy, but tasty!
Plus, my sister *hates* fish. And she wanted to try it. I'm not going to lie, she didn't suddenly love fish, but she said it was good. :)


  1. I am proud of you :0D....

    now off to answer the other tricky question.. if I can find the post again that is! lol

  2. Thank you. I'm proud of me too. :)

    Here ya go, my tricky post:

  3. bother I was hoping to get away with answering... lol!

    (puts up side track.. wonders will the dear girl allow herself to be deflected...)

    hey (in bright chippy innocent voice) have you seen this - brill... no sew fleece scarf

    the joins are TIED!!! how cool is that?

    is it working? ;0D

  4. Heh. Then you shouldn't have mentioned the tricksy post! I would have forgotten it! :)

    Ooohhh...*is distracted* :)

  5. Glad your fish baking was successful!

  6. Hajar,

    Thanks! It was yummy. :)


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