Thursday, December 3, 2009

One Ring to Rule Them All...

Okay, this is just a really awesome picture from Hubble.

Eye of Sauron anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Shush. I'm getting my geek on over here.

So. I have nothing intelligent to say, but I'm gonna post anyway. Because I *can*.

I've been hanging out on the OrthodoxChristianity forums, just picking topics and reading. I *was* going to do a post on the whole, leavened vs. unleavened bread for Eucharist, but then, in reading, I realized that all those people who make a *huge, freakin' deal* out of it, are just not bothering to read. So, nyah. *makes raspberry sound at them*

My mother has almost found a 'personal trainer' for me. Yes, I am 27, and yes, I should be able to do this myself, but the truth is, I won't. I know (now) that I need to, that I can't do it myself, but I *won't* call and help myself. Why? Who knows. I just know if it's left to me, it'll never happen. And that's no good. So. My mommy's doing it for me. :p

On the subject of health and exercise, I almost went off the back of the treadmill last night. I don't even know how it happened, I was slowing down, at the end of the workout, and all of a sudden, my left foot slipped! Very scary!

Also, I have developed on oval shaped bruise, directly between my shoulder blades. I have no clue how that got there. None.

I finished Anything Goes, which is the first autobiography of John Barrowman. It's a fun book (he's a fun guy!), but unless you're a fan, probably not interesting to you. (And yes, yes, I am a fan. Him and Gareth David-Lloyd. Hmm.....)

I pulled my new book out of the hat, and at first I got the Bible, which I'm already reading. (PS: Finished Leviticus and am in Numbers. *headdesk* Is it just me, or are these the most boring chapters in the history of anything? The footnotes are what interest me here, honest. At least it's not KJV, with all the frelling 'begats'.) *glances around* Nope. No lightning. Still, probably going to the special hell for finding part of the Bible boring, yeah?

So, I pulled again and got the Didache. Cool. I have this copy: The Didache: Text, Translation, Analysis and Commentary by Aaron Milavic. I've just started on the introduction, so I can't really comment on it yet. I do want to say, though, that I'm not sure this particular author's commentary is going to be helpful, and may, in fact, contain heretical teachings. Why? Just...some things he's said in the introduction, and the way he's said them. We'll see. Regardless, I bought it because I wanted a copy of the Didache, and, honestly, it was cheap. :)


  1. LOL you are not exagerating. Those are two of the oddest and more boring books.

  2. Cool! I want to read the Didache at some point. Hope you enjoy it.

    They are boring. Leviticus became more interesting to me when I read an article showing how the whole book is set up in a symmetrical pattern and is actually sort of poetic when you're not just reading it as verses and verses of "DON'T DO THIS. DO THIS A LOT. DON'T DO ANY OF THAT." The very center of the book is apparently "You shall love your neighbor as yourself" (Lev 19:18), and it's surrounded by instructions on how to do that. (The article is "Justice as the Cornerstone", by Mary Douglas, if you're interested in things like that.) I find sometimes I'm a lot more interested in scholarship on some parts of the Bible than the books themselves.

  3. Ah, our resident geek, eh? ;-) No, that's a cool picture and I love your new header!

    Btw, I wrote you name in Arabic on my case you didn't read the follow-up comment from yesterday.

    Um, I totally agree about some of the OT books being boooooring. I think they are more *something* to the children of Israel. You know...pertinent to them with all that genealogy and stuff. Sooooo. You and me both are in line for those lightning strikes, I reckon. Actually it's not like a huge surprise to God for us to admit this. He knows our minds on this already. Thankfully He is gracious and merciful.

    Anyway...yay for a personal trainer! Keep us posted. Sorry about the bruise AND for nearly falling off the back of the treadmill. That sounds like something I'd do.

    Did I miss anything? Hmmm. Hope you are feeling better and having a great week!

  4. ok wobbly here let out of hospital late last night .. but I love Lev and Deut.... I find the NT boring although am loving James and of course Rev... :0D

    Now the Didoche is another kettle of fish altogether...

    the best one I found is the translation by Lightfoot.

    what I find interesting is the the Didoche is the earliest document recorded by the Council of Jerusalem before the 'Church' as you know was set up... a time when James the Just was Bishop...

    so thinking about it... for anyone following the othodoxy route aka you - then I think you are right - it is heresay...

    put it down :0D naughty !

    Isnt that John chappy gay? I was gutted when I found out ...

  5. LK,

    They *are*. It's terrible, because the rest of the Old Testament is interesting, but these two books...*sigh* footnotes. I'm living for them.

  6. Sanil,

    We'll see. I'm still reading the introduction leading up to the actual text.

    Ooohhh...thanks for the info. I *do* enjoy stuff like that. I'll have to find that article.

  7. Susanne,

    *grin* My nerd is all encompassing.

    Yeah, the header breaks my theme, but I felt it appropriate to the season.

    You're probably right. I mean, I'm certain they have deep meaning to people. Those people just don't happen to be *me*.

    I figure, if by this point in my life God hasn't zapped me, He's not gonna. :)

    Heh. Yeah...sometimes I think God's up there, just going, 'Not *again*.' And shaking His head at me. Before I've even done it! :)

    I will. The weirdest part about the bruise is I just can't figure out how I could have gotten it! It's right between my shoulder blades!

  8. Ahavah,

    Hospital? Are you okay?

    I'm completely unsurprised that you love Leviticus and Deuteronomy. :)

    See, just from a literary standpoint, the rest of the Old Testament is interesting, because it has battles, sex, war, intrigue, death, love, epic stuff. Leviticus and Numbers? Not so much. Lists. Lists of things to do, or not to do. Lists of people who begat other people...there's a reason I don't do my family geneology.

    Thanks for the link. I can print that out and compare it against the translation in the book.

    *cocks head in curious manner* Actually, as far as I'm aware, the Didache is accepted as an historic document by Catholicism and Orthodoxy. There's nothing 'heretical' in it at all. It's a record of the practices of the Early Church. When I mentioned 'heresy', I was actually referring to the author himself. Some of the opinions that he's expressed, even as early as the introduction, sound Gnostic, which would make them heretical. That doesn't impact the text of the Didache itself, but rather his conclusions and (possibly) his translation. So, I'm reading with a grain of salt. Just in case.

    Of course, from my point of view, the Church was 'set up' on Pentacost, so the Didache didn't 'come first'. :)

    Though, to be perfectly fair, I do own plenty of books that contain 'heretical' texts. I even still own my grimoires. So I've got other issues on that front. :)

    'Isnt that John chappy gay? I was gutted when I found out ...'

    Y'know, for a second, I was sitting here wondering if you meant St. John. Then I remembered I'd talked about John Barrowman. :)

    Yes, he's gay. So's his husband, so that works out well for them. It is a great disappointment for all women, everywhere, but that doesn't mean we can't still appreciate the man.

    It actually makes for some really funny moments, if you're amused like I am. He was in this *really bad* B-movie called Shark Attack 3: Megalodon. I own it, because I'm collectery like that. (Stop judging me, I can see you all doing it!) *Anyway*, there's a scene where he's 'seducing' the female lead. And....there's a line I won't reproduce here, but it involved him and a specific bit of female anatomy. And...every single time, I giggle like a mad woman. Because he's (physically, in the movie) nowhere near the right bit. Umm...I did mention I'm easily amused?

  9. seems I have gallstones and will need operation to remove bladder.... :0(

    am right off food at the mo.. which cant be such a bad thing now can it?

    wouldnt dream of judging you :0D youre too much like my dotty younger sister and make me laugh far to much... gentle hug for you

  10. Ahavha,

    Oh, dear. :( I will be praying for a swift recovery for you m'dear.

    I'm glad I can entertain. :)


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