Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Kinder Report Day 14


That is all. :)

We had fun, cake, cookies, crafts, utter chaos.

We're off next weekend, and I intend to go to the Greek Orthodox church next Sunday.

For now, I'm off to go see Avatar and probably squeak embarrassingly at the screen.

Also, next week, HOLMES! *convulses in joy*


  1. Yay Greek Church! :-) You might get an English version this time through. I hope.

  2. Aw kids and christmas parties are such a fun combination.

    You should ask them if they have some sort of book you can use to follow along that isn't in Greek. I'm sure they do, their entire congregation can't possibly be fluent....then again the pakistani/iranian mosque doesn't have any books in english because they do assume you speak Urdu, Arabic, or Farsi :(

  3. Anna,


    I'm hoping that the homily will be in English, if nothing else. Their website lists that they hold Greek classes, which makes me think that there is at least a portion of the church that doesn't speak Greek fluently. We'll see.

    To be honest, if I had to, I'd just have to *learn* Greek or whatever I need. It'd be hard, but I'd do it.

  4. LK,

    They *are* and I can't even begin to describe what all we did, because it was just *fun*, no real lessons. First week back in January, we'll get back to work.

    If they do do the entire service in Greek, which is a possibility, and I do decide that this'll be the church I go to when I 'sneak' off to Orthodox church, I will see if they have something in English I can follow. Maybe a side by side translation?

    And, like I said, if this does wind up being the church I need to be in, I'll struggle through and learn Greek to the best of my ability.

  5. Glad y'all had a good time at the party and it will be fun to hear about the Greek service next week. :)

  6. Susanne,

    We had lots of fun. :) I hope that I'll have interesting things to say next week.

  7. Yay, HOLMES! I'm excited too. I might have a Robert Downey Jr. marathon before that comes out 'cause I just love him. :p

  8. Candice,

    It's a win-win for me. I'm a Sherlock Holmes fan from *way* back, and RDJr is just...*loves*.

    It's sad you don't live in Florida, or we could have that marathon together. :)

  9. hi!
    perhaps you'd like to have a look here, i think it might help

    Be patient!


  10. Hi M,

    Thanks! I'm printing that out. I have a book called Let Us Attend that covered the broad strokes of the Divine Liturgy, but didn't go into the details like that page does.

    Funny, I'm sort of forced to be patient with visiting Orthodox churches. I can only go on Sundays when I don't teach, and those are fairly rare.

  11. Hajar,

    *Lots* of fun. If nothing else, teaching this year has taught me that I *do* love kids, I really *do* want to have my own, and that I might want to be a teacher 'for real'. :)


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