Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger = FAIL

So, they took down the posts since Wednesday. Okay. 'Temporarily'. Well, they're still not back up. So my funny apocalypse post is gone. *pout*. I *thought* that the post I'd done from VBV was saved as a draft, only it's not. It's only half of the post, basically. So I'm going to have to redo the entire post. Fine, whatever. It was only half of the section on divorce in VBV anyway. I'll just redo the post and cover the whole section. But Blogger also deleted a bunch of comments and I'm guessing those aren't ever coming back either. Dammit.

How's Wordpress?


  1. Wordpress is kinda fun. I like the categories. They're not really necessary, I can't see much of an advantage for them over tags, but still. I like them. For some reason. :D I'd considered switching over.

    It's weird for Google-anything to fail this hard, though. I'm not sure Wordpress would be any more safe from these screwups. Annoying fact of internet life - a lot of what we say can be wiped out forever by hardware failure.

    But they might still fix it and bring them back? Maybe? It knows they existed, anyway, because they still show up in my reader-thing. It's just that it shows an error when I try to click on them. So they posts could still be restored.

  2. I like that you can reply directly to comments on wordpress. *shrug* It's shiny, and I actually got a wordpress blog a while back that I've never used. But really, I just kind of like blogger. It's cuter or something. Meh. I'm just whinging.

    The comments being gone is what irritates me the most.

    The internet should be forever!

  3. Yes, the internet *should* be forever! Agreed!

    Most of my posts I wouldn't like to lose, but they aren't the end of the world, but I loooooooove my Syria posts. They just have so many memories for me. I'd hate to lose them.

    I'm sorry your comments were eaten. maybe you could try Wordpress for a while and see if you like it better. Samer and I had a shared blog over there for a while, but we stopped posting there after a time and I just continued on my personal blog. I have an easier time with uploading pics at Blogger, but then I've not tried Wordpress in awhile. Maybe it's better now that I have a new computer.

    The reason we had our blog initially at Wordpress is because Blogger is blocked in Syria. Wordpress is not.

  4. But really, I just kind of like blogger. It's cuter or something.

    It is. :) I remember trying to get the boyfriend to do a blog, and I sent him an essay-email explaining the virtues of each site and what type of bloggers used each in my experience. :D It's purely subjective and really really limited since it's just my opinion, but I wound up describing blogger as the sort of grown-up livejournal. A place for girls who have moved past teen angst and completely self-centered journaling and are interested in blogging as a form of community and friendship. I said wordpress was similar, but typically with more of an intellectual bent and less emotional. (Not that wordpress-users are un-emotional or that blogger-users aren't smart, just which way entries tend to lean, however slightly.)

    ...I think I think about this too much. :D Or just enough, since the internet and the way it's changed human relationships is one of my favorite topics and I'm all into internet ministry and community. Oh well.

  5. Sanil, cute analogy! I don't think I read any guys' blogs in Blogger come to think of it! :D I like how you've analyzed this so well!

  6. sanil,


    That's a perfect description! Yes!

  7. Yeah I totally relate, and I am so pissed if they do not bring back my blog posts... I'm still hoping.... one of my posts was a scheduled one for today with the last book notes for A Woman Among Warlords, I cannot redo it because I had to return the book to the library yesterday... :(

  8. It's very annoying. One of my posts came back, but none of the comments and the other post seems to have vanished into the ether. Whatever. I redid the post and it's better than the original. But wow, that sucks for your post!


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