Friday, May 13, 2011


Smallville - but, but, now I don't want it to be OVER!


I'll even forgive the lack of Batman.

also, I love Tom Welling's serious face when he's holding still for effect shots.

Oh, that makes that kid Connor. Hi Connor! Feel luck you're not Roy. His life sucks ass.

most important of all:



  1. Tom Welling's serious face is one of my favorite things about the series. It's almost ruined him for any other part, though. :D Even in Cheaper by the Dozen, which was really silly and where he almost never said anything really serious, whenever he looked annoyed (so, most of the time he was onscreen) I started laughing because it looks just like his "determined-Clark" face. That will probably be what I think of whenever I see him in anything.

  2. His serious face is awesome and hilarious. I will never be able to see him and *not* see Smallville.

  3. Huh I didn't know it was ending. I tried watching Smallville but couldn't get into it. Its still too bad he didn't play Superman in the movie.

  4. Did you try watching it from the beginning, or did you try to jump in mid-series? They had some truly spectacular clumps of crap in there, and if you weren't already invested in the show those spots would make you run away. Personally, they got me with the Clark/Lex interaction early on and then I just couldn't look away, even as they were blowing it all to hell.


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