Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Draft of Letter to the local imam aka Amber is a nutbar

I am nauseous. Okay? Actually, physically nauseous stressing out over this. Welcome to my insanity!

I mean, clearly, the vote is in favor of just getting it done. Actually, most of you have voted for 'Why the hell are you still bugging us with this?' :D. So here's what I've got. Critique? Advice? Am I a total nutbar? Is there anything I should add? Subtract? *flail* Help meeeeeeeeeee

Hello, (or should it be more formal? Dear Sir? or maybe Dear Mr/Imam Subedar?)

I am interested in finding out if there is a date and time where it would be appropriate for me to visit your mosque and observe a prayer service. I am most interested in being able to attend a Friday service, if that would be possible.

I am a Christian who has been interested in learning about other religions for my entire life. I have been studying Islam, through the internet and books, for a number of years but did not realize until recently that there was a mosque any closer than Fort Myers. Book knowledge is fine, but I think it is difficult to really know a religion unless you are able to experience at least a part of it.

I found your email address while trying to find a contact person for the mosque. I apologize if this is not the correct way to get in touch with you, and appreciate your time.

Thank you,
Amber Freeman

Also, how stalkery enabling is the new 'location' function? Who would do that?


  1. Aww! I love how much you're over-thinking this.

    It's good to take time and figure out what you want to say, though. I tend to use Buffy-speak when I don't think things through and I'm in a new situation...Pretty sure it doesn't make a great first impression. :D

    Your letter sounds fine, though. For the address, I usually just use the person's name/title. Sometimes I just say "hello" but feel silly doing it. Of course, the way I do it might seem rude to you (I always worry it seems rude to the person I'm writing to), because I leave off the "dear" just feels odd and overly affectionate. We need better letter-header options.

    Oh well. Whichever way you decide to do it should work, and he probably won't put nearly as much thought into the words chosen when he reads it as you do when you're writing it. So just pick the one that makes you most comfortable and go with it.

    Also, yes. Location feature is weird, and I have a lot of friends who use similar things. I used to get tweets every time one of my friends arrived somewhere. I don't get it, but then, I'm paranoid.

  2. :D Glad I can amuse!

    That's just it. I tend to blather if left to my own devices in a new situation!

    Well, no. Your way doesn't seem rude. The thing is, 'hello' can seem too familiar, whereas 'dear', while the appropriate form of address, also (for me) carries connotations of closeness.

    I know! And yet I can't just roll with it. First impressions, you know?

    I don't like the location thing. If I could just fill it in, that'd be different. Then I could type in funny things, like Deep Space Nine, or Tattooine, or Hell. Stuff like that.

  3. I think it sounds good, but I would just add something about your own religious background so they know you're not looking to convert. E.g. "I'm an orthodox Christian interested in learning more about other religions and promoting inter-faith dialog."

  4. Sounds great! Maybe begin it with

    Dear Imam/Mr. ____________,

    but plain Hello works well also! :)

    And JUST SEND IT already! :)

  5. I don't want to sound too friendly *or* too formal! Which is better?

    I'm trying! But there's still...20 hours on the poll. There may be a last minute rush! ;)


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