Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Department of Redundency Department

I just finished filling out the paperwork for my readmission to college. Re-dun-dant.

But it's done. Now all I have to do is fax it in tomorrow and wait. And then see an advisor so we can figure out what I have to take to get the AS Paralegal degree I want. I've taken most of the basic courses, so I'm hoping it's mostly just the degree specific stuff I have left. Plus Speech, which I dropped due to crippling fear of speaking in front of people. Blagh.


  1. But you are so much more confident now and will do fine in speech. I have spoken. Thus it will be.


  2. As you will it, so mote it be. *bows to Susanne's superior-ness*

  3. That's awesome! Good luck with it! And I'm sure Susanne is right, and you'll do fine in speech!

  4. Thanks! I faxed over the paperwork, but there's still some stuff they need for financial aid. Here's hoping. I really screwed up when I was younger, for about a million reasons, but the last time I took a few semester's of classes I did really well - I quit going because I was majoring in business and I didn't want to be a business major, but I couldn't decide what I did want to be and it seemed like a waste of money.


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