Friday, August 21, 2009

5 Things About Me

Sanil did a 5 Things post and tagged anybody who felt like it, so now I feel like it, and am doing it. See the logic? :)

1. I've had the same job since I was 14. Clearly, I don't do change well. :)

2. I like round toed shoes more than any other kind of shoe. I know, it's a weird thing, but I think pointy toed shoes make my feet look very, very long, and they're not. On a related note, I have tiny (short n'stubby) toes, so a long, open-toed shoe just looks silly on me.

3. I hate shopping. I hate it. I don't spend hours going through the racks. I go in, I look through the sales racks, if I like it, I try it, and I either buy it or I don't. I shop with purpose. Conversely, put me in a book store, and I will spend *forever* wandering around, picking things up, putting them back, stroking the covers, weighing my options. I cannot leave a bookstore in under an hour. Ever.

4. I grew up believing that I was going to marry one of my step-father's friends. No worries, he was just joking, but he'd always play He-Man and She-Ra with me, and one day he asked me if I'd marry him when I grew up, and I, of course, said yes, and spent many years telling people so. :)

5. Half the time I think I'd like to be a second wife or something, just because I've always lived with multiple women in the house, and I cannot imagine living with just me and a husband. It's just this vague...'and what do you do with just the two of you?' kind of thing.


  1. Ha, ha. I love reading these kinds of things and finding out more about you.

    As for the last one, *to me* it would be weird to live with my co-wife. Call me a prude, but the thought of knowing my husband was in the other room with his other wife while I was in the kitchen just doesn't settle well.

    Clearly I was not made for a society such as that. :)

    Wow that you've been at your current job that long! And I don't care for pointy-toed shoes either.

    Enjoyed your list!

  2. Feet aren't pointy so pointy shoes are just plain wrong LOL!

    I haven't forgotten about sending you head scarves ~ I'm just so behind on everything. Pregnancy has trashed me and we have house guests due in a couple of weeks and the house is as trashed as I am!!! I'm so sorry for the delay...

  3. Susanne,

    They're sort of fun. Just coming up with random facts about yourself. :)

    See, I said 'half the time'. :) The other half the time I remember that I don't share particularly well. That being said, I've never been a very jealous person, as far as my boyfriends go - I've certainly never been in love with any of them, so I imagine actually caring deeply for the other person would change things a lot. *However*, should things go all pear shaped and I find myself in a plural marriage (which I cannot imagine ever actually happening, mind you) we'd have to share a big house. Strangely, the idea of my husband have a whole separate house with another wife bothers me.

    Yep. I've actually been there longer than almost everyone else. *glances around shiftily* I could take the whole place down with the secrets I know. *laughs evil overlord laugh*

    I have to admit I do own some fairly nice pointy toed shoes, but they're 'special occasion' shoes. Other than that, cute little round toed shoes it is!

    Also, I forgot to mention it in the post, but consider yourself tagged if you'd like. :)

  4. Michelle,

    *nods in agreement* My feet don't look like that, so why should me shoes?

    No worries! Really, you've got a ton and a half going on! And I'm certainly not going anywhere. Whenever you get to it, I'll be thrilled to find a surprise prezzie in the mail.

    Just worry about taking care of you and Erland and Elspeth and the mini-munchkins.

  5. LOL! I'm totally with you on 2 and 3. Rounded-toe shoes/heels don't mush my toes, which makes my feet happy. : ) The only "shopping" that I like (other than for books) is for hijab. Actually, there's a Muslim clothing store that just opened here a couple of weeks ago, so I'm all sorts of thrilled about that. : )

  6. Heather,

    See, if there was an Islamic clothing store, that'd probably be a problem for me too. I'm much more efficient with my online shopping though. :)

  7. I wouldn't say you don't do change well. Who knows? You haven't changed your job yet!! :p And nothing wrong with that! Why change something when it's good?

  8. Ramadan Mubarak Candice,

    I hope I spelled it right. :)

    I *know* I don't do change well. I've gotten better, but I still don't like to change my routine. I'm very routine oriented. :)


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