Monday, August 24, 2009

Hit and Run Thought Post

I always hear people (who are usually criticising someone, sometimes me) saying, 'but we have to have faith like a child' - which apparently translates into - 'DON'T QUESTION! JUST OBEY!'

Umm...apparently these people have never spoken to a child.

'Why?' is one of their favorite words. (Along with 'no', but that's another matter)

My grandmother swears my first word was 'why', and that it'll probably be among my last, too. I question things, endlessly. Beat a dead horse, whatever. I don't always understand the explanations for things, I just want to know that there is one, and that someone else knows it and I assume that eventually I will understand it.

My grandmother loves telling this story:

We were in the car, driving somewhere, and I asked her a question. She can't recall the question, but she does remember that she didn't know the answer, and so proceeded to make some long answer up. At the end, she says I said, 'Grammy, if you didn't know the answer, just tell me.'

Anyway. :)

Kids are *always* questioning. It's how they *learn*.

So I don't see any problem with questioning everything, up to and including God. The problem with kids is, eventually we realize that adults don't have all the answers, and the power in the relationship begins to shift, little by little. The thing with God is, He does have all the answers (whether He shares them with us or not, and whether we understand the answers we get or not), so there's no fear of the power structure shifting.


  1. Cute post, O Aged Cheese One! (Well, I had to get to know you in order to appreciate your dry humor.) :-)

    I like what you wrote here. It's really true about questions. I certainly ask them and I never could understand people who acted as if questioning anything about their faith were a sin.

    And I like your reply to your grandmother. Smarty pants! ;-)

  2. Susanne,

    Heh. ;) It can be my new title. OACO.

    Yeah, my humor is a little adjustment-necessary. I'm sarcastic by nature, in person, but that doesn't come across in email, so, dry humor it is. :)

    I'm constitutionally incapable of not questioning. Really, I've tried. And the people who take this point of view just baffle me.

    Heh. alec...that's what she calls me too...

  3. I think I "got" your humor more when I saw your videos a while back. And then started noticing other things -- the cute additions you make set off with asterisks.

    " alec...that's what she calls me too... "

    I'm shocked!


  4. Susanne,

    I tend to write like I think... only edited with less tangents.

    I could subtitled this blog - 'Corridors of a Districted - oh, shiney!' ;-)

    I *may*, *may* mind you, have a reputation in my family for being the first with a smart alec comeback, snide humorous remark, etc. Maybe. I admit to nothing.


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