Monday, August 31, 2009

Older v. Younger Siblings

Right, so I'm doing a *slow* read through the Bible. And when I say slow, I mean, a chapter a day. I'm still in Genesis. And this is on purpose. I've read the Bible several times, and the last time, I set myself a schedule, and read it in a couple months. But this time I just wanted to start the day with a chapter and that be it.

I'm certain I'm not the first person to notice this, but God really seems to like the younger siblings.

I guess there could be myriad reasons for this theme in the Bible, such as societally (earthly) the oldest son inherits everything, and God blesses the younger because His rewards are not of this life, but the next...

But of course my brain goes to weird places:

Humanity is preferred to the angels - angels were created first (first born sons), but humanity was the one 'created in God's Image'. We got free will and the ability to (basically) spit in our Father's face and then repent later on. It's unclear whether or not angels get this.

Hm. Yes, this is sort of random.


  1. Good observation, I think! And an interesting random post. :)

  2. Enjoyed this. I was thinking of something similar recently. Not in connection to angels, but just how often God rejected firstborns and showed favor to younger siblings as you said. I like how you linked it to angels though...interesting random post.

  3. Candice,

    Thanks. My random should at least be entertaining. :)

  4. Susanne,

    My random is bizarre.

    It just occurred to me, the first born almost always got passed over and the younger sibling was favored. It started with Cain and Abel, and you see how well that turned out.

  5. Ah, cool. I like that you've read through the Bible in different ways, it probably helps you focus on lots of new details each time. :) I was never able to do an organized scheduled readthrough like that. I always lose patience, so I think it's awesome when other people can.

    I'm planning a book on siblings in the Bible, actually, so I was excited to see this post. It's a fun topic. I'm focusing more on the conflict between siblings than God's reaction, though, so far.

  6. Sanil,

    You do pick up different things every time you read through.

    Now, I set myself a schedule, but it's just a personal one, so if I missed a day or two, I didn't feel that I needed to make it up. It made it less pressure, and more, this is the goal, if I don't reach it, life will continue on. :)

    Ooohh...interesting. I think, don't quote me on this, that all the siblings in the Bible had 'issues' with one another.


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