Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Myrddin the Car

Ladies (and any gentlemen who may be out there),
Allow me to introduce Myrddin, my new car.

And not just new to me, but *new* new.
*pauses to squee*
Myrddin is my first brand spankin' new car, bought with no (monetary) help from anyone else (read, parents). Just me, the Handbasket (previous car), and the credit union.



  1. Very nice! So this wasn't a Cash for Clunkers thing? ;-)

  2. Sanil,

    Thank you! He's a doll. :)

  3. Susanne,

    Nope. Though, to be honest, if I'd had to go that way, I would have. I really needed a new car. The Handbasket was having issues that, mysteriously, no one could ever find, yet I had to have it towed four times in a month. Which is why, of course, it was renamed the Handbasket.

    However, I am quite proud that I didn't have to take advantage of the government deal. Of course, Nissan gave me a *great* deal on the car, and took the Handbasket in trade, so I really lucked out.

    Plus! Myrddin was the exact color that I wanted, and he was the only blue hatchback Versa they had left on the lot. Even Dad (who was there for the money/bargaining issues) says I got a fabulous deal.

  4. That is a fabulous car. Nissan is a great brand and you should get many many many years of troublefree driving from it.

  5. Alana,

    It really is. We did a lot of research before we even went looking, and the Versa was one of my top two choices.

    Plus, I know one of the mechanics at our local Nissan dealership, and it's litterally within walking distance of where I work.


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