Saturday, August 22, 2009

Picture Dump!

Toadstools. I just think the picture on the right looks kind of neat.

Some plant that's growing all tangled up with another tree. I like the way it's fruit looks. But I don't think it's edible.
Various pictures of the sky and clouds and the sun behind them. I just think they're pretty. :)

I'm a ninja! *cough* Sorry, I couldn't resist. But I really did feel ninja-esqe all in black. :) My first attempt at making niqab out of a shayla. The scarf is (clearly) too thin, and I didn't get it loose enough over the face, but for a first attempt, not too bad.
Less ninja. :) I took one of my new sparkly hijab and layered it over the black hijab/niqab, to add color. A little rough, not as elegant as those who do it all the time, but again, I don't think it turned out *too* bad.
Sparkly purple-ish hijab. I watched a video on YouTube, by the Non-Muslim Hijabi, which gave me some very helpful hints. I think this is one of my most successful shayla hijab attempts.

Sparkly purple-ish scarf tied in a 'crown'. I mastered this one early on, the tricky part is getting the knot on the side to lay semi flat so it doesn't stick out like some bizarre horn. I got the instructions for tying it here. They have directions for a variety of styles.
p.s. one of the women from church found me on twitter & is following i feel like i have to be careful what i say...not that i talk about them or anything...*crap* can't recall if she linked to blog from that even an option...gotta go see...


  1. Oh, great pictures. I love the sky ones. I adore looking at the sky! And the plants are nice also.

    Your purple scarf is really pretty and you did a great job draping, tying, fixing...whatever! Looks good!

    Btw, I awarded/tagged you on my blog. You can thank me later. ;)

  2. Susanne,

    I too love to look at the sky. I was one of those kids who'd lay on the ground and just cloud watch. :)

    It is a pretty scarf, isn't it? Walmart. Surprisingly I can find some nice scarves there every so often.

    It's a little draping, tying and fixing, depending on the style. :)

    Oooh...I am all sorts of tickled pink. Thanks!


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