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Countdown to Supernatural Season 5 - Season 2 Overview

Supernatural Season Two: In Which Bargains Are Made

Okay, so when we last saw our intrepid heroes, they'd been smooshed by a demonically driven semi. *Because* they're the heroes, they all survive the crash, and are MEDEVAC'd to a hospital. However, we all remember the demon-torture and all that with Dean? So, he's the worst off, and comatose. Of course, because it's Supernatural, he spends the entire first episode wandering the hospital as a semi-ghost, which introduces us to the Reaper, who looks like a very nice young lady.

YED - Azazel. Very bad (de)man. Demon's don't have a form, and jump from host to host, but this is Azazel's usual (stolen) body, though he does occasionally possess someone else, which makes me question where he leaves this host when he goes on walkabout. Cause the original owner's still in there, of course. Anyway.

John, knowing that his oldest son is dying, summons YED (aka Azazel, actually), and makes a deal. His soul and the Colt for Dean's life. Azazel possesses the Reaper (Tess) and uses her powers to put Dean's soul back into his body. And John dies, whispering something into Dean's ear.

Dean has...issues...coping with this, as does Sam, of course, but Dean takes his issues out on the poor Impala, a little.

So, the boys continue in the family business, looking, too, to get the Colt back and kill Azazel *really* dead. In the process, they come across other children who are like Sam.

Sam, aside from being the size of a sasquatch, has *powers*. He occasionally gets visions of things before they're going to happen, and possesses *really limited* telekenisis-ish powers. The other kids all have powers too, which vary from person to person. They all figure out that Azazel did something (he dripped his blood into their mouths, which is apparently enough to make you a demon-baby) to them when they were six months old, which resulted in many of their houses being burnt down and their mothers (sometimes both parents) dying in the process.

Dean, in light of all this, and the fact that many of the children have turned out to be kind of evil, reveals to Sam that what John had told his was that Dean either had to 'save Sam, or kill him'. Which is reason number 23 why John Winchester will never win father of the year.

Different things occur throughout the season which lead the boys (and us) to believe that the demi-demon-kids are part of a larger plot by Azazel, something to do with a demon army he hopes to raise for the apocalypse.

Various revelations occur throughout the rest of the season that lead the pair to believe these psychics are being trained to participate in an army that the demon will lead in a coming apocalypse. After a season of this, Sam disappears in the middle of a diner.

He wakes up with four other demon-kids, and Azazel reveals to them that they're there to compete for the job of his demon general. Whoever's still alive, wins.

Two are killed right off the bat, then one of the women, Ava, is revealed to have been working with the demons all along, and gets killed by this other guy, Jake. Who has sort of been acting like he's a 'good guy', but then stabs Sammy in the back. Jerk.

Of course Dean and Bobby (who is the Winchester's 'uncle' and an old friend of John's) arrive just in time to see Sam get killed, and this does not make for a happy Dean. Sam actually dies in Dean's arms, which is just *sad*.

Dean, who might be a little unhinged at this juncture, runs off and summons a crossroads demon. The thing with crossroads demons is they make deals - you get whatever you want, and at the end of a specified period (usually ten years), she gets your soul. So Dean makes the deal, he wants Sam alive again. She agrees, but only gives him one year before his soul gets collected, and if he tries to do *anything* to get out of the deal, Sam drops dead again.

Dean gets back to Sam and finds him alive, and without any memory of having died. Dean decides not to inform Sam of this whole, stabbed in the back, made a deal with a demon to get you better thing. Because he wants to protect Sammy.

So, meanwhile, Jake has joined up with Azazel, who has taken him to the Gate of Hell (well, it's *a* gate to hell. Which Samuel Colt also made. Though to be perfectly fair, he was just putting a lid on an existing entrance. The man had a lot of free time, apparently.

The Colt is the key to unlock this, so off Jake goes to set the demons loose. Of course Bobby and Dean and Sam all show up to rain on their parade, which *really* surprises Jake, since he distinctly remembers killing Sam, and tells him so.

There's fighting, and Jake gets the gate open, and then gets shot by Sam.

Azazel is busy taunting Dean with the possibility that the Sam he brought back is not quite the Sam that died. And, you know, to round out the day, he tries to kill Dean. But, John, who was in hell, managed to escape through the open gate, and saves Dean.

And then Dean shoots Azazel with the last bullet in the Colt.

Dean being *awesome* and killing Azazel.

Which also has the added bonus of freeing his dad's soul from hell. They get the gate closed, but hundreds of souls and demons escaped, which means the boys have even more work to do.

Sam, having had his suspicions raised by Jake's insistence that he *killed* him already, questions Dean, who is forced to admit to what he did.

Which makes Sammy sad, and angry, and he swears to find a way to save Dean.

End season.


  1. I'm so glad you're doing these. :) I don't have to try and find all the previous seasons at a library, and I can still watch the new one!

    Do you happen to know which season had Mercedes McNab as a poor new vampire who didn't know she was a vampire? That's the one episode I keep seeing.

  2. Sanil,

    So happy to be of assistance.

    That was season 3, I think.

  3. You are making me laugh with these reviews. :D :D :D


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