Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Feast Day of St. Michael, St. Gabriel, and St. Raphael - and other things

St. Raphael, of the glorious seven who stand before the throne of Him who lives and reigns, Angel of health, the Lord has filled your hand with balm from heaven to soothe or cure our pains. Heal or cure the victim of disease. And guide our steps when doubtful of our ways.

Today is my Saints Feast Day. (Not sure if that should all be capitalized, but I did it anyway...) Of course he shares it with St. Michael and St. Gabriel, but that's pretty good company, no? :)

Are you supposed to do something special on your Saints day? I'm not really sure. It seems like you should...

On another note, I *really* like dates. The fruit. I tried one for the first time yesterday, and it didn't really taste like anything, but then I had another, and they grew on me. I think they sort of taste like giant, sweet raisins.

I spent half an hour last night fighting with myself over whether or not to get this niqaab from HijabGirl. On the one hand, I'm not a niqaabi and have no intention to be a niqaabi (unless, of course, I do get to go to Saudi Arabia some day. That's one place I want to go badly enough I'd get on an airplane (I'm afraid of heights). Or I meet a bunch of niqaabis and want to hang out with them in their 'native element'.) On the other hand...flip niqaab for $10. And then I'd be prepared should I suddenly find myself in KSA or UAE (yes, I know the unlikelyhood of either of those things happening to the point I'd need an 'emergency' niqaab). I haven't bought it.
On the 'secret hijabi' front, this morning commute went well. I took it off at work, because..um...I think I'm going to have to ease work into that one. Lesson learned this morning: flip the ends of the khimar over the seatbelt. That way when I need to turn to see, belt is not pulling against khimar.


  1. I know in Italy your saint's day is treated like a birthday and there is usually a big celebration for the larger saints and the local saints of the area.

    Glad to here your adventures in hijab are going well.

  2. LOL @ your emergency need for a niqaab. :-D Glad you found some dates that appealed to you! :)

    Happy Saint's Day!

  3. I have that niqab from HijabGirl! It's a tie-back one, well-made and very comfy. Lots of air circulation, since it goes across your forehead rather than your nose.

    Unfortunately, I've found that my two-piece al-Amira hijabs from HG aren't as well made...I've washed one twice and the stitching is already coming loose at the chin. *sad*

  4. LK,

    Good to know. Maybe next year I can claim *two* birthdays. :)

  5. Susanne,

    You just never know when you'll wake up in a Muslim country and need a niqaab. ;)

  6. Heather,

    My distaste for the half-niqaab grows. :) That's where I bought mine, and I just don't think they're very well designed.

  7. I got my husband to grab me a niqab in Egypt and the eye slit is so tiny I can hardly see through it even without my glasses. With my glases, there is no way to put it on! I wanted a functional "emergency niqab" and it doesn't even work. hehe.

    But I guess I won't really need it. If I were to try and get another, I'd get one that ties around the head without layers. Only the eye slit and face cover. I don't want a gazillion things over my eyes and face. And I don't like the look of them flipped back.

  8. Candice,

    They do make ones with larger eye slits....or the half-niqaab would probably work too, but I hate those elastic ties on the back. Of course, I cheat and wear contacts... :)

    'Emergency niqaab'. I actually would have liked to have one the other day - one of my coworkers over did it with the lysol and the niqaab could have worked as an air filter. ;)

  9. I would have needed one with bigger slits for sure! I have 2 half niqabs and they are kinda cool, but I don't really have underscarves so it ends up being eyes and a whole lotta forehead. Weird look. I have a giant forehead!

  10. Ah, the 'billboard forehead'. I too suffer from this terrible affliction. :)

    Have you tried wearing the khimar over your forehead? I can do it without the underscarf that way and I think it looks okay.

  11. Hello,
    This post is very cute! I too have a flip niqab (black) which i bought online from Egypt because it was so cute. I’m not niqabi and I don’t use it.. but I bought it because I’m sure I will visit KSA sometime, and I do visit Emirates and Oman- there are times there when I really wish I had niqab and I didn’t, plus it comes in handy for dress-ups if nothing else! Heheheheh
    As for hanging out with other niqabis – most niqabi women I know prefer to hang out in women’s only scenarios, such as a ladies home, in which case they always remove their niqab the second they get in the door anyway! Even in mosque the first thing they do is flip niqab, because it is actually forbidden to pray with the face covered. The funniest thing is when you arrive AFTER one of these ladies at a friends house... because the nice lady in the *normal* (sorry) clothes and possibly hijab, says goodbye and then suddenly starts pulling on black gloves, abaya, niqab, shoes etc and suddenly you can’t see a thing! Then she says, “Ok well bye!” and walks out the door and you wave bye, feeling a little dumbstruck and trying your damndest not to show it! Hahah
    Interesting blog btw! 


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