Monday, September 28, 2009

Book: Life as a Prayer

*clears throat*

So, Muhala from Testimony of Grace has been working on a book about Christian women who cover. This has been (at least looking from the outside in), a long, loving process. And I am pleased to announce that the book is done, and published, and available! :)

It's available, at the moment, at the publishing site, here: Life as a Prayer but, as I understand it, it will also be available from Amazon, shortly, if you're like me and prefer to buy from places you've used before. :)

Here's the blurb from the site: Modern day women of God share their life-changing experiences with head covering in an age where Christian head covering is often thought to be an outdated and unnecessary spiritual practice. The author and eight other women candidly chronicle their head covering journeys.

I personally can't wait to get mine, I'm looking forward to reading everyone else's stories!

So, you know, go buy a copy! Now! *puts on commanding, imperious face*


  1. Cooooool! I totally want to read it, too. ^_^

  2. *Everyone* should read it. *makes vaguely Jedi-esque hand gestures* Buy the book, you will. *giggle*

  3. Going on my list. Sounds really interesting.

  4. Sounds like an interesting book!

  5. LK & Susanne,

    It most certainly is. :)

    I'm waiting for it to hit Amazon, and then I'll get it and let you know.


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