Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Random Shoes - Shoe Blogging

I was going to do my first day of school report, but then I came across Alana's shoe post and Anna followed it up and invited others to make shoe posts. (So did Alana, too, by the by.)

And I, being the lemming that I am, must obey! :)

I apologise for the quality of the picture, but it's night, and the lighting in my room is not the best. I have *no* overhead light in the room itself. I'd say that I'm not a 'shoe girl', but I think 21 pairs of shoes may make a liar of me. (Of course, I'm not including in the picture the 6 pairs of flipflops in the mud room and the ratty tennies out there, they don't count because I wouldn't ever wear them in public)
So, come on, trot out your shoes and show 'em to us! Girls love shoes, yes, yes we do. :)


  1. Oh, you have some cute shoes, girl! I can't really manage being graceful in heels though they look pretty. I have heel-walking envy, perhaps? ;)

    Ah, penguin slippers -- cute!

  2. You have such lovely girl shoes! I can't walk in heels due to a bad ankle.

    My shoes are so old and ratty...

    I do have a couple of pairs that might look ok. Not sure if they are worth a photo though lol

  3. Susanne,

    The little, low heels are easy enough, and comfortable too. The *high* heels are problematic.

    The pair in the front row, left hand corner are my newest pair, and they have the highest heel I've ever had. I've never worn them out yet - I'm learning to walk in them in the house. Practice, practice, practice. But they're *so fabulous*.

    Hee. I've had those slippers *forever* but they're just so comfy!

  4. Michelle,

    Thanks! I have a friend who *loves* high heels, but she can't wear them anymore - she wore such high heels, so often, that she damaged the nerves in her feet and she looses feeling in them if she wears anything but flats. So she takes me shoe shopping, and I wind up with girly shoes that way. I'm her surrogate feet. :)

    Though I do reign her in, of course, and I only get the shoes if I like them. :)

    On my own, I'd just have flats, to be honest. They're more practical and they work just as well for almost everything.


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