Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Reason #1 to Wear Hijab That People Don't Tell You:

Mosquito Proofing!

I can walk my dogs and not get eaten!

This is what I wore tonight, and I am completely unscathed!

Even bug repellent lets some of them through, and then I smell of bug repellent.


  1. LOL

    Never would have thought of that one!

  2. It's true! I can vouch for this! you ought to see how I have to dress to venture into the garden! Long sleeves, high neck, full headscarf - long dress AND

    Under my long dress I have to wear long trousers... I'm thinking of getting some bloomers made (like the victorians used to wear.

    Doesn't matter if I put on insect repellent - seems they just enjoy me even more..... tsk

  3. LK,

    That'd be because you don't live in Florida, I'll bet. :) Mosquitos are a pure menace!

  4. Ahavah,

    It's such a simple idea, but it just never occured to me before!

    I'm glad it's not just me that bug repellent doesn't seem to work quite right for. :)

  5. LOL! That is so true! It's even better in niqab. : ) I've noticed that here, and the mosquitoes haven't been bad this year because we've had a severe drought (only benefit is no water for mosquitoes to breed in),but they ate us alive last year.

  6. By the way, Amber, (can't believe I forgot to tell you) but you look totally cute. That blue hijab is a great one on you. : )

  7. Heather,

    I did think of adding the niqab, but the mosquitos (so far) don't seem interested in my face. :)

    This whole thing has the added bonus of acustoming my family to seeing me in proper hijab/abaya. My mother insists that it makes my face look fat, and she may have a point, I just don't think I care...

    Also, thanks! It's a very pretty color. I'm considering going out to the movies this weekend in it, but I can't decide if it looks okay with that dark blue abaya or better with the light brown jilbab I have.


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