Monday, June 21, 2010

My Mate List - Because I Am A Lemming

So, Sarah and LK both did this, and it seemed kind of fun. :)

It's just a list of what you're looking for in a spouse, in no particular order of importance...

1. Mature and responsible. I mean, yeah, fun is fun, but I don't need to be babysitting my husband because his brain never got out of puberty, right?

2. Orthodox or Roman Catholic. Though Christian of the Protestant variety would also, I suppose, be acceptable. But not my ideal, by a long shot. Actually, let me be plain: I would prefer, over all my other choices, to marry an Orthodox man.

3. I would need him to be orthodox in his faith. Mainly because chances are that I will never be, much as I want to be. And I need someone who is grounded in their faith, firmly planted with both feet on the ground, to reign me in. So I can go off on my theological tangents, and have a base to be brought back to.

4. Good with a car crisis. One of the few things that absolutely floors me, leaves me unable to do anything with it, is a problem with my car. I have what might be described as a mild panic attack. My battery dies, and it's the end of the world! I'm in *tears* and screaming at people over it. I've got no idea why, but I'm pretty much unable to stop it.

5. Animal lover. I don't expect that we have to have eleven pets and growing like my family does, but you have to at least *like* animals and be willing to have a dog or a cat. A home without a pet is not a home...

6. Children. I want them. He must want them too.

7. Willing to be healthy with me. Meaning, my weight is going to be a life long struggle. That means that certain foods will not be allowed in the house. Exercise must continue, forever. I want this to be a joint point of view, not me with my side of the cupboard, jogging and lifting weights, and him eating cookies and laying on the couch. (An exaggeration, of course.)

8. Have a sense of humour. I do. I don't think I'd go over well with someone who doesn't have a sense of humour. Who isn't willing to laugh at themselves, or me, for that matter.

9. Geekery. It's...kind of necessary to understand me, I think. You don't have to be the same flavor of geek as me, but some scifi love would go a long way.

10. We have to be able to talk, for pete's sake. Meaning, we need to be friends, as well as being married.

11. Willing to try new things with me, and encourage me to try new things. Like, for instance, if I want to try this weird sounding dish on a menu. Try it with me. However, if it suddenly strikes me to try parachuting? Not so much.

12. Intelligent. I think that almost goes with us being able to talk, though.

Hmm....I can't think of any more.

So, sound like anyone anybody knows? *waggles eyebrows*




    I love that we all need a geek...dude geeks be doing really well. Where them single geek men at?! lol

  2. This is so cute. I love your list. And loved how you phrased number 1!

  3. Smart traits. :) I like 3, it's something I wouldn't consider but I like the balance there and the idea I think I'm seeing of a shared experience of faith but still having diversity.

  4. Number 1 is a very good point, forgot that one! ;o)

  5. So, should I post the link to your blog on my facebook page and blog and see if any single Orthodox geeks bite? My inquiring matchmaker mind wants to know.

  6. LK,

    Huh? Where's everyone going? What's that rushing water sound over that hill? :)

    I *know*. With all the geek complaining over not being able to find girls, I must simply assume that they're not looking...

  7. Suroor,

    Thanks! :) Heh. #1 is very important to me.

  8. sanil,

    Yeah, I think, at least for me, I need someone to balance me out. But then, I think some of the best relationships are made of opposites that share a common 'something' that brings them together and they bring out the best in each other.

  9. Sarah,

    Your list was so comprehensive though!

  10. Alana,

    Oh, please, feel free. :) I suspect Orthodox geeks might be hard to find where I live....

  11. I read your list to Samer today. We had fun. :) I also read the other ladies' lists. I'm glad y'all did those. :)

    Afterward I had Samer tell me his list and he only thought of four. We liked your list. :)

    I agree that having someone with car knowledge is helpful!

  12. Susanne,

    As long as we can entertain! :)

    Car knowledge is important, though not necessary. I only require that he tell me that everything will be all right, while dialing the necessary mechanic.


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