Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tobit Chapter 5

*Tobias Obeys His Father*
1. Tobias answered him and said, "O father, I will do everything you have commanded me. 2. But how will I be able to obtain the silver, for I do not know him?" 3. Then he gave him the record of the debt and said to him, "Find for yourself a man who will travel with you, and I will pay him his wages as long as I remain alive. Now go and obtain the silver.+

4. Then Tobias went to look for a man and found Raphael, who was an angel. But he did not know it. 5. So Tobias said to him, "Can you go with me to Rages of Media? Are you acquainted with those places?" 6. The angel said to him, "I will go with you. I am acquainted with the roadways and I have lodged with our brother Gabael." 7. Tobias said to him, "Wait for me and I will tell my father." 8. He said to him, "Do so, but do not delay."

9. So he went to his father, and said, "Behold, I have found someone who will go with me." But his father said, "Call him to me, that I may know what tribe he belongs to, and if he is trustworthy enough to go with you." 10. So he invited him, and Raphael came in. They greeted one another cordially.

11. Tobit then said to him, "Brother, to what tribe and kindred do you belong?" 12. Raphael responded, "Do you seek a tribe and a family, or a hired man to go with your son?" Tobit replied, "Brother, I wish to know your people and your name. 13. Then he said, "I am Azarias, the son of Ananias the Great, one of your relatives." 14. So Tobit said to him, "You are most welcome, my brother. Do not be angry with me for seeking to learn of your tribe and your family. As it turns out, you are a brother of mine from a good and upright family. For I knew Ananias and Jonthan, the sons of Shemiah the Great, since we would journey in common to Jerusalem to worship and to offer the firstborn and the tenth of our harvest. They were not led astray in the deception of our brothers. My brother, you are from a good root.

15. "But tell me, what shall I give you as wages? A drachma a day and expenses for you and my son? 16. I will even add more to your pay, if you both return in good health." 17. Thus they were well pleased. Then he said to Tobias, "Prepare for the journey and may it be prosperous." So his son prepared the things for the journey. Then his father said to him, "Go with this man, and may the God who dwells in heaven prosper your journey. May His angel journey with you." They both departed and the young man's dog went with them.+

18. But Anna his mother wept and said to Tobit, "Why have you sent our son away, or is he not the staff of our hands when he goes in and out before us? 19. Do not attain silver upon silver, but may it be dirt compared to our son. 20. For he was given to us to live by the Lord, this is sufficient for our existence." 21. Tobit said to her, "My sister, do not be concerned. He shall return in good health, and your eyes will see him. 22. For a good angel will go with him, and his journey shall be prosperous. He will return in good health." 23. So she ceased weeping.

+5:3-6 - Raphael is hired to accompany Tobias on his journey to Rages. But the archangel identifies himself as Azarias (meaning "God helps"), a relative of Tobit (5:13).

+5:17 - May his angel journey with you: Tobit is unaware that his request has already been granted (see also 5:22). Tobias's dog goes with them, and commentators puzzle over its significance.


  1. I thought it was sweet that his dog went with him. :)

  2. Susanne,

    It is! Know why? Because dogs are just awesome, that's why. :)


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