Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why Bother With Creation?

This is a thought I've had before, and I'll likely have it again, because I don't think that anyone knows the answer.

Why did God create humans? Or, really, anything at all, but specifically, people. Knowing how it would all go down, why bother?

p.s. I've gotten the answer, before, 'so we could worship Him'. I find this answer unacceptable, because we're still left with why. Why did God create us to worship Him? Does He require our worship for some reason? If so, He's not self-sustaining, and therefore, not God, but a god. So.


  1. Maybe he likes how it all went down?

  2. Sanil,

    Possibly. Damn ineffability.

  3. Because it is in God's nature to be creative. He is the greatest of artists. What other artist could create beings that are actually able to have thoughts and feelings and desires and plans and love?

  4. I look at it as an artistic creation - for the love and beauty of it - rather than a work of engineering, for some practical purpose :)

    Yes it's ugly in places but good art needs a bit of that. I think... but I'm not an artist, so what do I know? ;)

  5. caraboska,

    Hmmm. *nods* I can see that. I like the image of God as the ultimate artist.

  6. Sarah,

    See, I like the image of it as art. I agree with you that good art needs its bits of darkness. But, like you said, I'm not an artist, so what do I know? :)

  7. My preacher says God creates the lovely rainbows and sunsets as his hobby. His "big thing" is us. Meaning we are the ones He is most concerned with. I think this is consistent with Jesus' teaching about considering the birds of the field and that we are of more value than they (Matthew 6:26). That wasn't your question, but it went along with the Creator/Artist God concept.

    I think God created us for relationship with Him. Some people erroneously think it's to work for Him, but God could have completed any work needing done in a flash. And we are often reluctant, stubborn workers anyway. My pastor uses the analogy of the family. He said he didn't have children so he could have someone to mow the yard or do chores. He said he could have hired workers much cheaper who would do a better job. He says he had them for fellowship, for relationship. And he likens this to God as you see even in the Adam and Eve story how God fellowshipped with them in the cool of the day. So maybe it was partly this reason. I tend to like the relationship aspect of the Bible's story. How sin broke the fellowship, but Jesus restored it.

    Some would say the reason why is "it pleased God to do so." I did a quick google search and found this. I know nothing about this site so ...


  8. Susanne,

    Hmmm. Interesting. I think I'm personally still too stuck on human concepts for any answer to satisfy, really. Because I think, why did God want a relationship? If He is all in all, what need did He have? And if God needs something, is He really God?

    It's like an insane hamster in a wheel in my head some days...

  9. "And if God needs something, is He really God? "

    I don't think it's a matter of NEEDS, but maybe it's wants? Like He wants to enjoy these little people whom He created. I don't know. It was just a thought.

    Now I have a visual of a hamster running around in your head. Ewwwww.

    Don't let it run out your ear. Your cat might get it.


  10. Susanne,

    And it's a good thought! Don't get me wrong. Like I said, I think I still apply too much humanity when thinking about God. Like, I know what needs and wants and such mean when applied to humanity, but it's not the same when you apply it to God, at all. But my brain still goes to the human place, which can get confusing. :)

    An *insane* hamster. No sane hamster would have me. ;)

  11. Do you think God created us for fun and games?! Huh? *slams open palms on desk* :D

    Haha! (Hope you got the reference)

  12. I think that the answer is, out of love. God is love, love is God's nature. Proof to that is the mystery of the Holy Trinity. In creating humankind He expresses His loving nature, He expands this love to an inconceivable extent. He created humankind in His image and likeness and His will for humankind is theosis, elevation to His state of being. He created free logical human beings to give them the opportunity to make use of that freedom and share His Divine Character, His divine and eternal Life.

  13. Ann,

    Hi Ann! I hope you're doing alright. :)

    As to your answer. Interesting. It does make a lot of sense. Oddly enough, the book I'm reading right now, the section I read this morning was titled 'Creation as a Gift' and was all about God creating everything as a gift to humanity, out of His love. And that the greatest expression of that love was His creation of ourselves. I'm going to have to think about it some more.



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