Thursday, June 3, 2010

ToB: Creation as a Fundamental and Original Gift

Under the heading of excellent cosmic timing, after my post about why did God create, this was the next subsection of the Theology of the Body.

So. Creation is a gift. A gift to whom, you might ask? Well, humanity, basically. As we are the only beings created in the image of God, as we are the only flesh and blood creatures with will and self awareness, we are the only beings that can appreciate the beauty and the wonder of the creation around us. God gave us the gift of, well, *everything*.

Why did God create? I think the best answer(s) is because God is love. It is His nature to create. And why is it His nature? Because God is love. When we love another person, we want to give them things. Not just things, but pieces of ourselves. We share our secrets with them. We trust them. We give them everything that we can.

And this is just a pale comparison to the perfect Love that God has for us. God literally *did* give us everything. Even knowing what depths of depravity humanity could sink into, He expressed His love by giving us existence.


  1. Aw, I loved this! Such a great thought to reflect on - thanks!

    By the way, hope you are preparing for and have a wonderful birthday tomorrow!! :-D

  2. Susanne,

    Thanks! Actually, birthdays aren't that big a deal in my family. But I'm preparing to be lazy and lay around the pool.... :)


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