Wednesday, December 21, 2011

AHS - All the love

You can have some coherence tomorrow. For now:

1) Tate. Tate. JFC. There is nothing that you can do that will make me not like you. Trying to 'make' Violet a boyfriend? I am aware of how messed up that is, and yet still find it adorable and want to cuddle you for the thought. Don't worry, she'll forgive you eventually.

2) The family ganging up to run off/save the new family.

3) Vivien and her baby.

4) Constance, whose name is never Candace. She's the real monster of the show, I don't care what anyone has said.

5) MICHAEL. I was half thinking that the 'devil' baby was not going to live up to the hype. That he'd be a normal kid. Happily, it appears that I was wrong.


  1. Oh good, I was hoping you'd posted on this! See, I just finished watching it, and I am FULL OF FEELINGS but couldn't even sort through them to make a coherent post about it.

    1&2) That whole sequence made me cry. I was sure the poor kid was dead as soon as they showed him, and I'm glad I was wrong, but wow they had me worrying for awhile there. And I get that they had good motives, and that was kind of awesome, but it still scared me more than anything else that happened the entire season. For those few minutes I was watching an actual horror movie, and I do not watch actual horror movies. Because I spend a lot of time covering my eyes and/or crying when I do.

    That said, it worked really well in the story. A lot of things that shouldn't work worked well in this show, especially this episode. When they were trimming the tree and being all cute happy family, I just kept thinking "They have us a happy ending? How the hell did this show manage a happy ending!?!" And then of course, the episode kept going.

    4) She really is. I suspect Moira is also not so innocent and has had quite a bit more influence over the monstrous things than we've seen so far. But that could just be because I'm cynical and think the people who appear overly innocent and pure must be the most evil of all.

    5) Oh, I was cringing and getting ready for the eye covering as soon as I realized she was talking to a nanny. *shudders* DON'T GIVE DAMIAN A NANNY. ALSO, KILL HIM NOW! I refuse to call him Michael. That just seems weirdly obscene. I know, I have ridiculous boundaries.

    6) I think the only thing you didn't mention that I was going to is Ben talking to Tate. It was sort of a bizarre scene and makes me wonder even more about him. I agree with Ben, but then...the kid's WEIRD. There's more going on there than it seems, because he does feel remorse, he's got all these layers of evilness that seems to at least partially stem from him having really strong connections and emotions for a very select group of people. I tend to think it's the influence of the house or Moira or something more than him just not being right all on his own.

  2. That's just it. I am Full of Feelings about this show, even today. And we've all been discussing it all day, though we've come to no conclusions whatsoever.

    1&2) I was worried about the kid too and I'm glad that Violet showed up to save him. Of course I'm still firmly in the 'Violet & Tate 4 EVAR' grouping and am just waiting for them to get back together. Yes, it's probably slightly creepy and wrong. I don't care. They're adorbs. The whole scene with them scaring off the family didn't bother me but I'm a big horror fan. I liked that they showed the burned wife with the stove thing and the second husband. Because I was wondering what the whole point of that was and Constance saying 'It's not your time' in that first ep. She was talking to the ghost.

    4) Yes. I don't think that Moira is a sweet and innocent as she appears. I started out feeling sorry for her and thinking she was just a victim, but I have serious doubts about it now.

    5) Michael. I am actually loving the dichotomy between his name and his nature. Though I guess at a stretch the tie could be made, after all Lucifer was an angel too and look how he turned out. ;) Yeah, the nannies/moms of evil babies never fare well, do they?

    6) That scene. I don't know what to do with it. I was kind of operating under the idea that Tate didn't recall all the things that he had done, which was why he was so confused by those kids at Halloween. But he very obviously (now) *does* remember what he's done. So...he was playing Violet and those other kids. He was just refusing to tell them what they wanted to know. Which is a bastard move, but then again he clearly has a lot of anger. Understatement of the century, I know. And I'm now wondering where Tate was born and who his daddy was. Was Tate an older 'Damian baby'?

  3. 5) It's not even that he's an angel, it's that he's that angel. I went to Wikipedia to make sure I was remembering right that he's known as the averter of evil and fights in the apocalypse and everything. I ran across this verse over there "At that time Michael, the great prince who protects your people, will arise." (Daniel 12:1) And I can just see Constance knowing that and naming him that way on purpose. It goes along with her thinking she's destined for greatness in raising him. Like somehow no matter how much evil he does, he's going to be her little angel, and somehow it's just going to make him more beautiful and perfect to her, and it's just WRONG. Constance is really good at making my skin crawl.

    6) Huh. I was assuming he actually didn't remember what had happened on Halloween, that he remembered it later. I actually believed that when Violet confronted him in the last episode, that was the first time he actually realized it. But for that, he recovered pretty quickly. I should probably stop taking Tate at his word when he talks about himself. Which could mean that his trouble killing Gabe (oh, hey, another angel name! I didn't even realize that!) could have just been a show and stalling technique, if he was waiting for Violet to show up and see him doing it. And he might just be talking to Ben in the hopes that she'll see him trying to get better and give him another chance.

    Good question! Maybe...which one is the creepy rapist doctor? I think the second one, not Nora's husband. Or there are a few other people who died in the house but not shown in the tv show. I was wondering where Constance's husband was, does it ever actually say that she had one? Hmmmm, ideas. There are so many directions they could go with this. At first when I heard this had been renewed for a second season I was annoyed because I thought there was no way they could get enough material out of it and they were just going to drag out the same questions for as long as they could. Silly me!

  4. I still have no issue with it. :D Actually, I think it's even better that they chose Michael's name, since he has so much to do with the prevention and destruction of evil, for Evil Baby.

    There are actually quite a few Biblical names on the show.

    And I forgot to mention before how funny I find it that the dog is the only one who made it out of the house. Yay for the reversal of *that* trope!

    Tate - I trust nothing! But I still love him. *smishes Tate and Violet together*

    *drums fingers* You mean the dentist who killed the Black Dahlia, right? It could have been him. Or another ghost we haven't met yet. Or a real person...

    I love this show and I miss it already!

  5. Yeah, like I said. I have weird boundaries. :D Still love Tate after seeing him rape, kill, lie to, and manipulate people all over the place. Constance picks the wrong name and is on my bad list forever.

    Yay for the dog! :D I didn't even think about that.

    Yeah, I meant the dentist. There are too many doctors living in that house, I get them confused. But yep, it could be just about anybody! And of course, it might not matter and Tate might just be screwy for no reason. It happens. But it will be interesting to learn more, anyway. Yay for a second season! I should have my cable back by then, so it ended right in time for me. (Well, almost. I still had to get the last ep on itunes, but that's not so bad.)


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