Monday, December 5, 2011

what hanging out with you guys has done to me - I'm looking at you, Becky and Zuhura...

Excerpts from my shopping trip this weekend to pick up toys for my girl from the Angel Tree at work:

*ponders coloring books* If I buy the Princess coloring book am I perpetuating the gender stereotype? But her card lists that she wants dress-up clothes! *buys a mix of coloring books*

*ponders tricycles*...Why are there no gender neutral cycles? I don't want to buy her a very specifically 'boy' bicycle in case she's a *pink* kind of girl, but...but... *buys the Dora the Explorer trike* At least she's an explorer and multicultural!

*ponders dress up clothes*...Maybe she doesn't want to dress up as a faerie! Or a Victorian lady! Or a bride in a big white dress! Maybe she wants to be a policewoman or a firewoman or an astronaut! Or a physicist! Anyone ever think of that? *buys the cowgirl outfit*

And this is just internet exposure!


  1. Hahaha I love you! If it is any consolation I struggle with the same thing when I have to buy presents for my friends 3½-year-old daughter.

  2. You crack me up. If I ever have a daughter Im so going to have the same problem.

  3. Here's some alternative coloring books for you. My son has one of these.

  4. Candice: Happy to amuse!

    Becky: I'm having the same issue while shopping for Evesdottir too. Tiny baby clothes seem to be very boy or girl with not so much neutral. Or at least that's what I've found.

    ireminisces: You're welcome? :)

    LK: Funny story. Shopping for coloring books/books for the kid I found a set of eight 'board' books that were all Batman. I told my mother that if this was my kid I'd buy these for her and my mother said 'maybe your daughter won't like Batman' to which I laughed and explained that my child would come out of the womb humming the Batman theme song. I think for my own child I'd be less worried about it somehow because I'd be there with the kid to make sure that the education and interests were as gender neutral as possible. But someone elses' child? I worry about it.

    Zuhura: I think you meant to leave a link but it didn't come through.

    Susanne: :p


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