Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Baby Shower Ideas

Okay, this is partially a place for me to keep track of 'game' ideas, etc. but also a place where you all can make suggestions.

Note: They're registered at Toys R Us & Target.

Note 2: No pork or shellfish - his family is 7th Day Adventist. Also, vegetarian option since Eve is a vegetarian.

Note 3: Possibility for shower: A tea with little tea/finger sandwiches and different hot teas for people to try.

Please, make suggestions! I need ideas! Very few of my friends have had children at this point so I haven't been to a lot of baby showers and am more than welcoming ideas!

1. Diapers = every guest gets a diaper and a magic marker. They write something cute/funny/uplifting on the diaper so when Eve and Kyle are changing diapers they get a laugh.

2. Scrapbook pages guests can write advice on, decorate with stickers, markers, etc.

3. Clothespins = everyone gets a clothespin when they arrive. If they say the word 'baby' they lose the clothespin. Whoever has the most clothespins at the end of the party gets a prize.

4. Have everyone personalize a baby T-shirt or one-piece outfit. Before the party, buy a bunch of white or light-colored garments and round up a few small, flat pieces of cardboard to slip inside the clothes to make them easier to decorate. Also pick up fabric paint, paint pens, and/or stamps and permanent fabric ink. Have the guests decorate the clothes any way they want — and make sure they sign them. People can take turns stopping by the craft table throughout the shower. When they're done, hang them up to dry on a clothesline or use baby hangers. Buy several different sizes. That way, the gifts last longer as the baby grows out of some and into others. Can also do this with bibs so there is less to decorate.

5. Everyone brings baby picture of themselves and people have to guess who it is.

6. Make a time capsule for the baby. In the invitations, ask everyone to bring in something that would fit into a gallon jar. The best items are things for the baby to have or read when he or she is older. People have brought in newspaper articles, messages to the baby written on paper or recorded on a CD or DVD, photographs, mementos, even jewelry. Anything will work as long as it fits into the jar.

7. Ahead of time, print each letter of the alphabet on an individual sheet of paper. Once your guests are seated, pass out one sheet of lettered paper to each person along with a supply of markers, crayons, colored pencils, and stickers.

Ask each guest to decorate her page with things that relate to her letter – for example, whoever has letter "A" might draw pictures of apples, alligators, and ants. Your guests should also put their name on the page somewhere and can include a note to the soon-to-arrive baby if they like. After the shower, laminate the pages and bind them together, then give the collection to the guest of honor. (This one would be a little problematic since she's only thinking that there will be about 12 guests.)


  1. You have some great ideas already! You are a natural at planning baby showers - who knew? :D

  2. These are all ideas I've gotten from other people! :D

  3. We dont really do baby showers in England. Do you have to have games? Cant you just drink tea and eat cakes?


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