Friday, December 9, 2011

Once Upon a Time & American Horror Story

I know, I know, late to the party. I was bad this week about watching things on time.


I started watching OUaT for the cute factor and the fact that Prince 'Charming' is played by the same actor who played Fandral in Thor. Only without the facial hair which makes him look like a completely different, and much more handsome, person.

However. I'm really loving this show. It's got a little of the cutesy factor going on, yes. But it's not the entirety of the show. It's all about the truth behind the fairy tales which is a thing that I really, really love.

And the Evil Queen and Rumplestiltskin...

I can't wait to find out what it is that Snow White did to her to ruin her life. What the love was that Snow White took away. I mean I know the Disney version and I know the fairy tale version but I'm interested in what the OUaT version is going to be.

I think it's fairly obvious that *everyone* got played by Rumplestiltskin. Yes? Watching the threads of his manipulation unfold is one of the highlights of the show for me. I think it's also clear that it's not only the Queen who remembers about their previous lives but Mr. Gold does as well. After all, how are you going to enjoy the fruits of all your efforts if you don't remember all the effort you put into getting what you want?

American Horror Story - I have no words. None. Sanil posted something about the theory that Violet was dead, and once I thought about it that made sense. So I suspected, going in that Violet was dead. But actually seeing it was incredible.

I still remember being unsure about this show when it first came on, wondering if it was going to be any good or worth my time. It is. It so, so is.

I love Tate, which I know I really shouldn't because he's clearly a *bad* person. But I don't care. I love him anyway and I can't think of anything he could do that I wouldn't forgive him for.

And creepy as it may be, I'm glad that he and Violet get to be together forever now!


  1. Gah, Tate. I don't know, I find him the most creepy when he's being all happy with Violet. I almost didn't like him when they were together at the end and she was happy, because it felt like he was being manipulative again. Which, I mean, he always is so that makes sense. But I don't know, it's creepier with Violet. So apparently I found the thing he has to do for me not to love him to pieces. But every time he does something actually bad, I'm all sympathetic to him. Like it's not his fault he's so, so, SO messed up, so I just want to hug him harder when he does horrible things because clearly it's evidence of how much he needs love instead of how fast everyone should run away from him?

    I loved how they handled showing her death. By the time it happened I was just like "RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN GET OUT OF THE HOUSE RUN" so the first time she wound up back in the house I completely forgot about the implications and was like "What? Why can't she leave?" It really was brilliantly done.

    (Deleted and reposted because of an editing mistake that bugged me enough not to just leave it. Sorry.)

  2. Oh, he's creepy as hell when he's being all 'I'm a real boy!' with Violet. I still think it's cute. :) See, you could try and see the thing with Violet as an extension of all the Really Wrong things he does. It's all a symptom of how messed up he is and if he can't help the other stuff he can't help how he manipulates Violet.

    Then again, I have the attitude a friend of mine calls, 'Stockholm Yay!' in fictional relationship. So my perspective on a healthy-dark relationship is, perhaps, slightly skewed.

  3. Hmmm. I like that perspective. I will have to remember that. I just wish I knew why he's being that way. I don't get what his angle is. I'm also wondering if I'm taking Murphy too seriously when he calls Tate the monster of the series, and I'm expecting him to have some master plan when actually all he means is what I've always seen, that this kid is screwed up and unpredictable. In which case there's no master plan, just random chaos that is often violent. Oh dear. Now I'm torn between hugging him and huddling in a corner far far away from the house where he can't reach.

    Heh, I do that too sometimes. And then find myself going "Wait, what?" when I think about the implications of some of my pairings. *shrugs* It's fiction, whatever. :D I have a friend who says the rules should be the same and that it being fiction is not an excuse to slip on morality. I really, really disagree. Yay healthy outlets for darker fantasies!


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