Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's not like she didn't know the baby was coming...

And let's pause to have a moment of freaking annoyance.

Eve, who is carrying Evesdottir, has told me the entire time, very vehemently that she does not want a baby shower. She hates all the things that go with baby showers, doesn't like groups of people, etc. etc. So I told her fine, we wouldn't have a baby shower. Then I get a message last night on FB from her telling me to call her grandmother because Ada wants to volunteer her house for the baby shower.


Oh, the baby shower she didn't want, but now wants and I suddenly have to plan. THAT baby shower. Which, okay, it's going to be small - mostly family from what she's saying and nothing fancy. She doesn't want any games, nothing. Fine. I still need to get a list of names and addresses of people to invite, get where she's registered (because she registered and didn't tell anyone where) and get the invitations out in time for people to buy presents and actually show up. The woman is six months pregnant. By the time I get all of this done she could be bringing Evesdottir with her to the party! Outside of her stomach!

Okay. Moving on.


  1. Haha! Don't you love how these things happen? I'm sure you'll do a splendid job...and for some reason I believe vampires will be worked into the theme.

  2. Theme? Ha!

    The theme is going to be, 'Oh, you gave me a month to plan a baby shower, no time to save up for it and are being a pain about getting me a guest list. You will take what you get and enjoy it!'

    And I'm totally planning games, even though she doesn't like them. Because what the hell else are you supposed to do at baby showers?

  3. Maybe someone else talked her into one? I'm a little weak-willed sometimes, other people keep talking me into stuff I don't want for the wedding because you just have to have it this way. Bah. Still annoying for you, I know.

    I would agree you should definitely do at least a couple games. Otherwise it comes across like she only wants a shower to get gifts. Which might be true, but it's also tacky to make it so obvious. :D

    I've only ever been to one, and it was for someone I didn't know so it was a little weird. We ate dinner, played a couple games with prizes, and watched the mom-to-be open gifts. I don't really even remember any of the games or anything, so I have no help to offer. But you should definitely enlist others in helping you with the work if you can.

  4. sanil,

    I'm definitely thinking that her mom and grandmother talked her into it. It's fine, it's going to be small and at my house. Still annoying.

    I've been getting ideas for activities from people I work with and from Eve herself so we should be okay on that front.

    I think it's partially about just getting the stuff, yes. Mainly, even, since she's kind of antisocial. Moreso than me, even, which is really kind of funny.

    I've only been to one too and we ate, opened presents and did a few activities/games but some of those Eve has very specifically vetoed.

  5. I've never even been to a baby shower, they're not really common here in Denmark. Good luck on the planning front!

  6. I'm getting the impression that baby showers are an American thing. Dammit. I'm kind of wishing I lived someplace where they weren't the tradition.

    So how do new parents get all the stuff that they need in Denmark? Like...that's part of the purpose of having the baby shower is for people to buy the baby things and help the family out that way.

  7. Well, I guess they buy it, get it from family and friends etc... to a large degree I guess they make do without so much STUFF.

    1. But you need STUFF to raise babies!

      Seriously, I never realized how much crap they make for babies until I went baby shower shopping. It's insane. I've told my mother that I'm going to move to Amish country to raise my kids when I have them. They get along just fine without all this crap.

  8. Well, you sorta said it yourself. Sure, you do need some things to raise a baby, but I think often these things get taken waaaay over the top in the US, you don't need a baby wipe heater for example. It is simply not necessary. It's rather ridiculous actually.

    So of course some gifts will be given, although usually they are given when the baby is born, rather than before, but mainly, you buy it, borrow it from friends and family or get by without it.


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