Friday, November 6, 2009

1st Annual Book Give Away

Okay, two things, before anyone points them out: a) It cannot actually be 'annual' until I've had more than one. I know this, but I'm using it anyway, because I like the sound. b) By 'annual', I actually mean whenever I feel like it, or my 'books I'm not keeping nook' gets fullish.

I have books I no longer want, for one reason or another. I wish to give them away. I could trade them in to a used bookstore, but since the end goal is a tightening and consolidating of my collection, and trading in means getting more books, I think this is the best way.

This is how it works:

1. Comment listing which books you want.

2. Email me which books you want and an address I can mail them to (sadly, my ability to mail outside of the states is on hold at the moment, so if you live anywhere but the US, unless you have someone in the US I can ship to who is willing to pass them on, I can't get the books to you) at akelios@ (remove the space). I'm having you comment so that others will know if the books are already taken, since this is a first come, first serve kind of thing.

3. I will email you back confirming the books and then mail them out as soon as possible. No charge, not even for postage, as I still have access to free domestic shipping.

And now for the books:

In the category of paranormal romance/chick lit, we have:

Happy Hour at Casa Dracula by Marta Acosta
Dragon Actually by G.A. Aiken
Witch Blood by Anya Bast
Tempt Me With Darkness by Shayla Black
The Accidental Human by Dakota Cassidy

In Mystery:

The Sacred Bones by Michael Byrnes
Murder in the Raw by C.S. Challinor

In the category of These Require Warnings:

Sea Dragon Heir (warning: consensual sibling incest)
Wraeththu (warning: hermaphroditism, homosexual sex, wonky magical doings)
The Thorn Boy (warning: all of the above) - all of these are by Storm Constantine


White Shark - both by Peter Benchley

Random Chick Lit:

The Pretend Wife - Bridget Asher

Books That Are a Part of a Series & I wound up with two copies:

Blood Debt - Tanya Huff (vampire detective mystery)
The Mummy Case - Elizabeth Peters (Egyptology mystery! I *love* this series!)

Richard Sharpe Adventure Series (all by Bernard Cornwell):

Sharpe's Eagle
Sharpe's Sword
Sharpe's Company
Sharpe's Gold
Sharpe's Fortress
Sharpe's Trafalgar
Sharpe's Triumph
Sharpe's Tiger
Sharpe's Prey
Sharpe's Escape
Sharpe's Waterloo
Sharpe's Siege
Sharpe's Enemy
Sharpe's Havoc


Oh! Does anyone know how to do the strike through on text? I don't know how, and I'd like to use it to cross books off if they get claimed... Sanil has solved my problem. Thanks Sanil! :)


On a note vaguely related to books, I have discovered that I like large, manly men with beards. This confuses me, as previously I was not a fan of beards. And I'm not talking Gerard Butler kind of men, Big men, not twiggy things. Not that there's anything wrong with skinny little guys. I'm just saying, if I can bend them in two, we better have deep, deep mental things to talk about.


  1. What a nice idea for your books! :) I'm sure they'll get a nice home! hehe. Your Twilight book is with a co-worker's daughter right now. She's reading it slowly since she is learning English right now in grade 7 but I think she's enjoying it! She's now the 3rd to get it! :)

  2. Books! Yay! :D

    This is a good idea, I might have to look through my books and see if I have some I don't want anymore to do the same.

    Random coincidences, about a year ago in a giant search for new RPGs to play, I found wraeththu, discarded it, and about a month ago suddenly remembered it and was trying very unsuccessfully to find it again and figure out what it was called. So thanks, now I remember!

    Can I have that one and the Tanya Huff one? Thank you!!!

    I found several different instructions for strikethrough text, the one that shows up most often seems to be (strike) text (/strike) replacing the parentheses w/the html brackets. It has to be done in the "edit html" tab instead of the "compose" tab. It will not let me do it in the comments, but hopefully it works for the entry.

  3. LOL on your "skinny dudes" comment. Personally, I don't think a guy should be skinnier than me. *That's* when I would have problems. : )

  4. Candice,

    I'm just trying to pass on the love! :) I'm glad that books still getting use.

  5. Sanil,

    Indeed, books yay! :)

    Heh. I am the queen of coincidental timing!

    Sure. Wraethtu and Blood Debt are yours. I'll mail 'em to you on Monday.

    And thanks for the strike through info. I'll go try that...

  6. Heather,

    Since I'm built like my German/Scottish ancestry demands I be built, if I immediately discounted men who're skinnier than me, I'd be significantly knocking the available dating population down.

  7. Amber, I'm in Canada (as you know). Do you have a paypal account I might be able to send you shipping to for a book? If it's not too inconvenient?

  8. Candice,

    No, I don't. Which book are you wanting? I'll sort out something on my end to get it out to you.

  9. raflmbo! ohhh what are you like! bendy men indeed (does it matter they have the beard or not....... mine needs a 'procedure' but before the surgeon operates dodi has to lose 10-20 kilos...

  10. Ahavah,


    The beard is not a necessity, however, I think it's quite nice. Assuming, of course, we haven't gone all 'wild man' with it. :)

    Oooh....I hope all goes well with dodi and his procedure.

  11. Thanks Amber, you're really sweet. But it's OK! I really don't want to inconvenience!

    About big men, you'd probably like my husband's size. hehe. But he can hardly grow a beard and has a baby face. lol.

  12. Candice,

    No, seriously, it won't be a problem! What book do you want? I've already got the whole shipping thing worked out!

    *grin* Well, the beard isn't a necessity, I've just developed an inclination for them.

  13. Worked out in what way? I was kind of interested in The Thorn Boy. And I was checking info on The Mummy Case and it really looks good. I kinda wanna buy the series now. hehe.

    I hope it's "worked out" or I'm sending you a money order! :p

  14. Candice,

    My boss loves me and is letting me use my mailing funds for out of country, even though we're technically not supposed to. All I've got to do is take the package down to the post office and fill out the customs forms there, instead of having our courier do it.

    The Mummy Case, in fact, the entire Amelia Peabody series is great!

    You'll have to email me your mailing address again, I don't keep them after I mail the books out, but I can get those in the mail this week, most likely.


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